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The aim of the present study was to ascertain if a similar or a different antifungal protein could be purified from the gold kiwi fruit.

Other than the difference in flesh color, the gold kiwi fruit has a less hairy peel and a sweeter taste than the green variety. It is known that different varieties of the same species may produce different proteins.

For instance, sugar snap Pisum sativum var macrocarpon legumes produce sativin, a miraculin-like antifungal protein [34], and pisumin, another structurally distinct antifungal protein [31]. On the other hand, the garden pea P.

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Material and methods 2. Isolation of antifungal protein Gold kiwi fruits Actinidia chinensis Planchon cv. Xia, T. After elution of unadsorbed proteins in fraction B1, adsorbed proteins were collected in fraction B2 by desorption with 10 mM Tris—HCl buffer pH 7. Unadsorbed proteins were collected in fraction C1 by eluting with the same buffer.

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Adsorbed proteins were eluted stepwise with 0. Following removal of unadsorbed proteins in fraction S1 by elution with the same buffer, adsorbed proteins were eluted with a linear concentration gradient of NaCl 0—0. Fraction S2, eluted with 0.

After electrophoresis the gel was stained with Coomassie Brilliant Blue. The molecular mass of actinchinin was determined by comparison of its electrophoretic mobility with those of molecular mass marker proteins from Amersham Biosciences.

The gel was also stained with silver stain to ascertain the purity of the protein. Amino acid sequence analysis The N-terminal amino acid sequence of actinchinin was analyzed by means of automated Edman degradation.

Assay for antifungal activity The chromatographic fractions at various stages of purification were tested for antifungal activity after lyophilization. These fungal species have been shown to be sensitive to a variety of antifungal proteins.

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After the mycelial colony had developed, sterile blank paper disks 0. After the agar had cooled down, a small amount of mycelia, the same amount to each dish, was added. Buffer only without actinchinin served as a control. A graph plotting percent inhibition of fungal growth against the log concentration of antifungal protein was used to determine IC50 of antifungal activity, i. Assay for ribonuclease activity The activity of actinchinin toward tRNA was assayed by determining the generation of acid-soluble, UV-absorbing species with the method of Ng and Wang [13].

After a few days, bright-red crystals of 3 were deposited 0.

The signals of the methine protons of the i-Pr2P groups are not observed because of their proximity to the metal center. Synthesis of 1-[ Diisopropylamino phosphine]-2,4-bis diisopropylamino trimethylsilyl tetraphosphetane 4.

After warming to room temperature, the solution was concentrated to 3. After a few days, colorless crystals of 4 were deposited 0. Structure of the Tetraphosphetane 4 methine, 2H , 3. X-ray Crystallography. Synthesis and Reactivity. Synthesis of the Terminal Phosphanylphosphido Complex 2 Scheme 3.

Reactions of 1 with the lithium salt of diphosphanecontaining diisopropylamino substituents led to the formation of polyphosphorus compounds. The mixing of DME solutions of 1 with ca. Presumably the starting iron II complex is reduced to an iron I species by the lithium salt of diphosphane with the simultaneous formation of polyphosphorous compounds Scheme 4.

This compound is thermally stable and can be stored under argon at room temperature for a long time. Complex 3 is stable at room temperature but easily reacts with moisture and oxygen. It is worth emphasizing that, in solvents such as THF and DME, complex 1 does not react with lithium derivatives of diphosphanes to yield phosphanylphosphinidene R2PP supported iron complexes.

In contrast, we observed the formation of such compounds in reactions with platinum, zirconium, molybdenum, and tungsten dichloride complexes when the SiMe3 group of the phosphanylphosphido complex D DOI: In this case, the main reaction product was 1,3-bis trimethylsilyl 2,4-bis diisopropylamino tetraphosphetane. Crystal Structure of 2. The representation of its X-ray structure is shown in Figure 1.

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In Figure 2. Molecular structure of 3 showing the atom numbering scheme. Hydrogen atoms have been omitted for clarity. Our recent investigation of the phosphanylphosphido complexes supported by transition-metal ions suggests that coligands such as the cyclopentadienyl anion in the case of early transition metals stabilize terminal coordination of the R2PPSiMe3 ligand to the metal center,22,23 whereas nitrogen ligands like imido or nacnac stabilize side-on coordination mode.

Crystal Structure of 4. Molecular structure of 2 showing the atom numbering scheme. Crystal Structure of 3. The Fe1 atom displays a distorted tetrahedral geometry. Molecular structure of 4 showing the atom numbering scheme.

E DOI: The nitrogen atoms of the i-Pr2N 2P group display exact planar geometry, with nitrogen atoms connected to ring phosphorus atoms being almost planar. The stabilities of 2 and 3 in solution were investigated by variabletemperature 1H NMR spectroscopy. Both complexes exhibit resonances in a very wide range, from Complex 2 is less stable in a toluene-d8 solution compared to compound 3.

The solid red lines are simulations obtained using the spin Hamiltonian of eq 1 and the parameters listed in Table 1. Furthermore, this doublet accounts for essentially all of the iron present in the sample. These observations were corroborated by the spectral simulations of the complete data set see the Supporting Information.DonnyDhirgantoro, Terbit: All rights reserved.

At first, the story flows fresh and natural but then its turned become over dramatic. The representation of its X-ray structure is shown in Figure 1. In contrast, the reaction of 1 with i-Pr2N 2PP SiMe3 Li provides not an iron-containing complex but 1[ diisopropylamino phosphine]-2,4-bis diisopropylamino -3 trimethylsilyl tetraphosphetane 4.

Figure 5 shows the same prototype positioned in a. The Shirley Temple doll measurements are included. Masih jauh lebih murah dibandingkan membeli novel bentuk cetak.

Adsorbed proteins were eluted stepwise with 0. Fraction B2 was fractionated on CM-cellulose into an unadsorbed fraction C1 and two adsorbed fractions Fig.

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