IO-Link is a single intelligent interface to improve process quality and automate more efficiently. for implementing Industry IO-Link Portfolio (PDF file). ×. IO-Link communication ensures transparency for all of automation, in every field – including logistics, service, manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging. IO-Link – Identification Simply connect the RFID read/write head to the IO-Link master unit, which you can then connect up to four IO-Link PDF download.

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If your identification function is non-time critical, involves little data and requires a lean topology, with an IO-Link solution you do not need a separate processor. port utilizing a basic 3-wire sensor cable for IO-Link communication. With the ability to be installed within a 20 meter radius from the data, collector devices can . IO-Link – the USB interface for automation. As the degree of automation increased, so did the need for intelligent field resulted in a messy variety of.

IO-Link – Identification

Am J Clin Pathol. HER2 testing in gastric cancer: a practical approach. Mod Pathol. Epub Jan 6.

A quality assurance exercise to evaluate the accuracy and reproducibility of chromogenic in situ hybridisation for HER2 analysis in breast cancer. Epub Mar 6. Establishment of the Australian in situ hybridization program for the assessment of HER2 amplification in breast cancer: a model for the introduction of new biomarkers into clinical practice.

Diagn Mol Pathol. Epub Dec 8. Arch Pathol Lab Med. This requires components that provide information and an infrastructure that transports it across all levels. IO-Link can be used universally The interface communicates from the controller down to the lowest automation level and can be connected with nearly any fieldbus system.

You only need a standard cable and a standardized port with M5, M8 or M12 connectors. Furthermore, using IO-Link, sensors can be built in directly at the location of operation, where they are optimally placed in terms of technical aspects of the process. IO-Link is an intelligent enabler of technology The standard enables the exchange of process data, service data and events.

That gives the advantage of allowing the saved information to be automatically taken over during a device exchange. Thus, parameter data for a new, identical replacement device can be used easily, saving time and reducing errors. IO-Link is simple IO-Link makes the installation and the exchange of new devices easier and guarantees error-free data transfer.

There, information on the manufacturer, the article number or the function is saved and is clearly readable. After all, IO-Link is fieldbus-neutral. With IO-Link you can bring a wide variety of devices together in the structure so that even the most complex tasks, including robotics and beyond, can be simply mastered with the greatest possible flexibility.

The universal IO-Link interface integrates intelligent devices into the controller. Likewise you can integrate standard analog sensors into the controller using our IO-Link analog converters. Or simply connect them to our IO-Link hubs, which can digitize the analog input signals and pass them on to the IO-Link master.

With the IO-Link master you can also control actuators and valve terminals. Simply use the valve interface to connect the valve terminal to the IO-Link master. Again, all you need is a standard cable to make use of the full functionality. A Balluff IO-Link sensor hub bundles the signals from up to 16 sensors or actuators. Another highlight is our cascadable hubs with expansion port which allow you to connect an additional sensor hub or a valve terminal. Fast Tool Changing Maximum flexibility with robot radius increased to degrees Inductive couplers are a windfall for robotics because they send both data and power simultaneously over an air gap.

How do you benefit? Greatly, and in many ways — the risk of cable breaks is fully precluded, mechanical contacting of mechanical connectors is eliminated, and the robot has a continuous radius of movement of degrees.

Our inductive couplers with IO-Link guarantee you fast gripper changes and increase the uptime of your system. This is because the signal is transmitted directly following the gripper change so production can continue without interruption. The speed and flexibility support frequent format changes. The result is that you can produce even small batches efficiently.

Another attractive feature: no mechanical wear means inductive couplers are maintenance-free. The quick-disconnect units provide robust flexibility for your machine design.

Even hard to access components are simple to connect with IO-Link since IO-Link capable devices now connect to the IO-Link master and to the controller flexibly and without contact. The bi-directional inductive data couplers allow data to be sent in both directions, and you can simultaneously control actuators and valve terminals while collecting signals.

These variants support the full IO-Link functionality so that intelligent sensors and actuators can be configured and diagnosed without contact. This makes local intelligent sensors all the more important.

Our photoelectric multi-function sensors detect actual operating states while collecting and processing information. And via IO-Link they provide far more data than just the switching signal. For the best functionality, you can use IO-Link to conveniently select between four different sensor modes. This allows you to utilize the best and most reliable detection method depending on your application.

The sensor simultaneously sends diagnostic data as well. Now you can evaluate the light emissivity value provided and detect increasing contamination of the sensor. This allows maintenance and cleaning schedules to be designed so the sensor is always cleaned at just the right time before failures can occur. You also know whether the sensors are still optimally adjusted after a cleaning.

The built-in count function with various counting and reset modes also allows the quantity to be checked in the controller without any additional programming effort. If your detection requirements are even more demanding, we offer our photoelectric high-precision laser BOS 21M HPL with numerous additional functions.

Thanks to various detection and processing modes, this high-performer also detects complex objects and the smallest details with absolute precision. Monitor process media Plug-and-play sensor replacement maximizes uptime Pressure sensors are indispensable when you need to monitor process media such as coolants and lubricants, hydraulic fluids and pneumatics.

The system pressure affects things such as the surface quality when processing workpieces. Continuous and exact regulation of the pressure is provided by our IO-Link pressure sensors, which continuously transmit their measurement values and data to the controller. Pressure sensors also ensure the best results on a machining center.

There they provide clamping distance monitoring to guarantee secure holding of the workpiece and tool in the lathe.

We Speak IO-Link – in the Entire Production Process

IO-Link pressure sensors are configured via the controller so they can be optimally installed where the action is or in hard to reach places for measurements and the are perfectly matched to the machine design.

This guarantees you fast and precise results and reduces your costs, since you can now reduce cumbersome mechanical installation of hydraulic lines to a minimum.

IO-Link pressure sensors ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible machine uptime. Replacing a sensor is plug-andplay, since the data for the replaced sensor is automatically loaded into the IO-Link master. Depending on your requirements you can choose between IO-Link pressure sensors with display and IO-Link pressure transmitters without display.

This ensures you the best and most economical solution. Easily Visualizing Operating States One light. Many functions.

Unlimited uses. But to visualize your automation you can get a modern IO-Link device today that has virtually unlimited applications and is ideally equipped for the future. The LED stack light with IO-Link interface offers you previously unimagined flexibility because with the Balluff SmartLight you can represent operating states in detail. You can even see trends and progressions. The SmartLight features three different modes. You can display a wide range of color signals in freely configurable segments Segment mode , use the color progression display for representing variables such as level, position or temperature Level mode and operate an automatic run light with freely programmable foreground and background color Run Light mode.

The best part: You can change to any mode on-the-fly.


Colors can also be changed while running because you configure the SmartLight simply from the controller. So forget the cumbersome mechanical reconfiguration of traditional stack lights. Unlike those older systems, you can individually specify the colors and zones for number, size and color definition. A 3-conductor sensor cable is all you need to quickly connect it to your system and have immediate access to the full functionality. Constant temperatures for induction hardening Sensors installed right where the action is Whether you process your parts by annealing or induction hardening, our infrared temperature sensors will help give you full control over your quality.

This is because monitoring temperatures during the hardening process is extremely important, in order to not damage the workpiece and to ensure the required product quality. They detect hot objects even while moving. Our temperature sensors make it possible to significantly reduce the process time.

An important value in non-contact temperature detection is emissivity. You can teach this with just a key press if you know the object temperature. This is usually simpler than exactly determining the emissivity values, and it adds the advantage that you can set the machine up in a much shorter time.

IO-Link lets you install the non-contact sensors just where they are needed, even in inaccessible locations, since you can now configure all the functions and parameters remotely, via the controller. Nor are any setting changes necessary at the sensor location when products are changed. This is because the appropriate configuration sets can be updated and loaded at any time via IO-Link.We think you should be able to take brilliant images for granted.

Pressure sensors also ensure the best results on a machining center. The result is that you can produce even small batches efficiently. This is why reliable and wear-free monitoring of the ongoing clamping process in the machine system is so critical. Arch Pathol Lab Med. Mod Pathol.

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