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At an elite level, there however appears to be distinct physical and physiological differences between Brazilian players and their European counterparts. In this respect, it appears that although players in Brazil are shorter in stature, they are similar in body mass.

In addition, the talent selection process in Brazil is regarded as different to Europe due the Brazilian style of play which prioritizes player selection through the technical aspects of the game rather than recruiting through physical size Drubsky, , p. In contrast, the stature and body mass of players has been suggested to be an important policy for player recruitment in major European Leagues England, Italy, Spain, Germany in order to suit the style of the play and the specific physical demands of each playing position Bloomfield et al.

In this respect, the top leagues in Spain and Italy had a much higher number of players from South America and on average, shorter and lighter players compared to those in England and Germany, particularly in midfield and forward positions Bloomfield et al.

These authors also postulated that this phenomenon could additionally be attributed to cultural and climatic reasons for adaptation to lifestyle in a European country when migrating from South America, rather than simply for the style of play adapted by teams in these respective leagues.

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Of course, other criteria for success include tactical awareness, teamwork abilities, fitness and psychological variables. Interestingly, although clear trends exist in terms of age, stature and body mass for different positions in different countries, physical size and shape is not necessarily a priority predictor for success Reilly et al. There are also a wide range of physiological values reported for players of different levels in different countries.

One possible reason for these differences is a lack of consistency or uniformity in testing protocols to assess VO2Max. This not only relates to the wide choice of possible tests to implement but also the variety in fitness status of the players, the stage of the season when they are tested, the preparation of the players prior to testing, their motivation, the testing arena itself as well as the environmental conditions.

Furthermore, due to the high volume of games per season in most countries, it can be very difficult to schedule appropriate testing occasions. All these factors may influence the outcome of the tests and some or all of this information is often not reported in the articles reviewed in this study, particularly in assessments of indirect measurements. This can therefore make it difficult to make true comparisons between studies and only assumptions should be made when assessing any differences.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize that a high VO2Max value is not the sole predictor of high aerobic performance in soccer, as this is dependent of two other important elements, namely anaerobic threshold and running economy Bunc et al. The VO2Max assessment also possesses some limitations, particularly in the interpretation of results based upon ml. This results in players with lower body mass having an overestimated VO2Max value and the heaviest players to having an underestimation in real work capacity terms McMillan et al.

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Furthermore, there should be some caution in using VO2Max testing for direct soccer performance assessment, which usually involves an incremental protocol of increasing speeds on a treadmill at set time intervals. As soccer involves an exercise pattern taxing both the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways in random and intermittent intervals, using dynamic movement patterns Bloomfield et al.

In addition, one of the main limitations for the majority This highlights the importance of testing through the season, so that a thorough evaluation can occur and training programmes can be adjusted at critical moments of the season. Beck, A. Beck Anxiety Inventory.

Revista auto esporte online

Briggs, S. Assessing the Five-Factor Model of personality description. Journal of Personality, 60, Costa, A. La personalita del calciatore e il ruolo nella squadra. Movimento, 3 3 , Cratty, B.

Psychology in Contemporary Sport. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall. Cunha, J. Digman, J. Personality structure: The emergence of the Five-Factor Model. Annual Review of Psychology, 41, Dowthwaite, P. An investigation into the anxiety levels of soccer players. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 15 3 , Goldberg, L.

Language and individual differences: The search for universals in personality lexicons. Review of Personality and Social Psychology, 2, From ace to zombie: Some explorations in the language of personality. Butcher Eds.

Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum. Gould, D. Antecedents of temporal changes in and relationships between CSAI-2 subcomponents.

Journal of Sport Behaviour, 12, Graf, H. Connection between anxiety and soccer playing. Psychologie in Erziehung und Unterricht, 22 3 , Hanin, Y.

Hassmen, P. We believe that the gender schemes construct can replace or complement the biological sex as an independent variable in future research. Research on sport performance may need to control not only for biological sex, but also perhaps, the gender self-concept schema. In short, biological sex would explain some physiological differences, but gender schema could explain some behavioral differences between male and female athletes' performance.

Practical implications As a social implication, this study could be legitimized by providing recommendations to professional sport coaches regarding the best fit in training strategies for athletes, so that performance can be optimized.

In terms of educational environment, physical education PE teachers can explore their pupils' gender schema in order to plan and promote adequate movement experiences in PE classes. Other research on this subject is suggested in order to help confirm the findings from this study and to address other collective and individual sports, providing the scientific community a better understanding of gender self-concept schemes of athletes in many sports.

As well, we suggest longitudinal studies to determine if gender schemes are modified over time, influencing sport behavior and its results over the life span. References 1. Amaral, C.

Brannon, L. Gender: Psychological perspectives. Allyn and Bacon: Boston. Burdzicka-Wolowik, J. Psychological gender of women taking up typically masculine sports activity. Biomedical Human Kinetics, 4, Cardoso, F. Colley, A. Age and gender differences in young people's perceptions of sport participants. Giavoni, A. Estudos de Psicologia, 10 1 , Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa, 19 3 , Gomes, S. Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte, 17 3 , Hardin, M.

The influence of gender-role socialization, media use and sports participation on perceptions of gender-appropriate sports. Journal of Sport Behavior, 32 2 , Harris, D,V. Involvement in sport: a somatopsychic ratio nalefor physical activity. Koivula, N. Ratings of gender appropriateness of sports participation: Effects of gender-based schematic processing. Sex Roles, 33 , Perceives characteristics of sports categorized as gender-neutral, feminine and masculine.

Journal of Sport Behavior, 24 4 , Marques, R. Motriz, 16 1 , Matteo, S. The effect of sex and gender-schematic processing on sport participation.

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Medeiros, T. Melo, G. The Spanish Journal of Psychology, 13 2 , Application of the interactive model in the context of individualism and collectivism. Psicologia Teoria e Pesquisa, 20 3 , Myers, M. Participation in competitive amateur sports as a function of psychological androgyny. Sex Roles, 4 4 , Myers and Lips and Salaminen indicated that women who participate in a traditionally masculine sport often present masculine or androgynous gender identities.

Gender: Psychological perspectives. Harris, D,V.

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