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Download file - SIMAK UI KKI Social Sciences Test Code pdf. I got in to UI through SIMAK KKI. The learning system in english helps to improve my english skills to prepare myself when I transfer to the partner university. If you find an error in any printed item of the test, just guess the answer as best as you can and continue. Page 2. SECTION 1. STRUCTURE AND.

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What is the most likely cause for a person to be obese? What about their clothes? A recent New York Times article highlighted growing concerns in the US about the role that doctors garments play in the spread of bacteria. According to the newspaper, the discussion was repeated this year in the US when the British National Health Service imposed bare below the elbows rule.

It does not allow doctors to wear ties and long sleeves, both of which are known to accumulate germs as doctors move from patient to patient. The article reported a study from the New York Hospital Medical Centre of Queens that compared the ties of 40 doctors and medical students with those of 10 security guards. It found that about half the ties worn by medical personnel were a reservoir for germs, compared with just one in 10 of the ties taken from security guards. When asked about the subject of doctors clothes and their possible role in the spread of infections, most local doctors, and some hospitals, declined to comment.

Associate Professor Dale Fisher, the Chairman of infection control said that ties and other pieces of clothes are sometimes referred to as reservoirs for microorganism that may cause nosocomial infection infection caught while staying in a hospital but he added that the risk of infections from contaminated clothes needed to be put in perspective.

An article in the New York Times mentioned that A the New York Hospital Medical Centre of Queens conducted a research on doctorpatient relationship B the British National Health Service issued a rule allowing doctors to wear long sleeves C there is a concern about peoples wearing ties and long sleeves when going to the hospital D the clothes of doctors are considered to be the source o bacteria that may infect people E the clothes of the patients are the means of spreading bacteria to doctors who are treating them HP: INggris 3 From the text we may conclude that A the New York Times article has helped socialize the legally recognized findings of the New York Hospitals research B generally doctors and hospitals do not know that they are accused of spreading bacteria to people C Professor Dale Fisher is sure that what doctors wear are reservoirs of germs that cause people to get a certain disease D the findings that doctors clothes can be a means of spreading a disease have not yet been accepted by most doctors E hospitals in the US have adopted the policy of bare below the elbows for all medical doctors TEXT V High blood pressure, smoking, obesity are known risk factors for stroke.

But since several recent studies suggest that bacterial infection may play a role, doctors at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, were [15] whether antibiotics could lower stroke [16].

They can. The drugs are thought to slow or [18] fatty build-up in the arteries. More research is underway, and if it confirms the link, antibiotics may one day be prescribed for high-risk patients. A surprised B exciting C attraction A disease B risk C level A intensively B thoroughly C entirely A prevent B prevention C preventive Kerosene lamps had been used in every house in this village until in remote places.

A B C D E people started using them there was no electricity at all people think it is cheap energy there was no other kind of energy the government installed electricity D rate E illness D particularly E abundantly There is no strict control on the preservation of forests; otherwise, many areas A B C D E would be safe from floods used to be flooded are being flooded were all be flooded cannot be saved from floods Bahren was not satisfied with the data that I collected; therefore, to support my arguments.

Good news!

Tenses ….: Kantor Pusat

I a job soon. I had an interview at the TV station yesterday. A B C D E may be offered am offering may offer offered may have been offered My car was stolen from the garage and I dont know if I can download another one.

You it. A B C D E had to insure should have insured will have insured ought to insure must have insured Until illegal logging were finally stopped, this area had been severely flooded every year causing damage to local peoples houses.

From the above sentence we may conclude that A people have been relocated to other areas B the area is not suitable for any settlement C people still ignore the damaging result of logging D floods will always hit this area due to logging E people no longer have to worry about floods Why were the students suddenly ill after having lunch in the cafeteria? There something wrong with the food. A B C D E must have been ought to be would have been might be should have been You told me yesterday you were not sure about something.

What was it? You look troubled.

Whats the matter? The academic counselor told me that unless I get at least B- for applied science, I wont be able to graduate this year. Adis parents were anxious to know in the state university entrance test.

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A B C D E did he do well how did he do how well he did is he doing well he did well May I borrow you calculator, please? Sorry, I cant find it in my bag. I at home.

A B C D E had to leave it must have left it should leave it have to leave it should have left it Yumi, I really dont know. You know as much English as I do.

SIMAKUI2009MATDAS942.pdf - SIMAK UI 2009 Matematika Dasar...

Well, I mainly want you to correct my pronunciation. A : I took a taxi to the airport, and it cost me a fortune.Says Esther Hermann, a co-author of the paper: Its the first time anything like this has been done.

Banyaknya protein yang terbentuk dari lima asam amino A, B, C, D dan E dengan syarat asam amino C berada pada posisi pertengahan dan empat tempat sisanya harus disusun oleh asam amino yang berbeda secara keseluruhan adalah Assignment film essay new year's eve zagreb dissertation meaning in kannada whatsapp messages leaflet distribution business plan design example of table of contents of research paper template direct sales business plan examples.

People who lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures usually gain it all back or gain even more of the pounds they lost because they havent changed their eating habits.

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This is the second time that my cell phone isnt working. Older Posts. All three groups did equally well at this sort of thing. Pesawat luar angkasa ini dilengkapi dengan Moon Mineralogy Mapper M3. Trichomonas 3.

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