Promotional magazine for the PlayStation 3 video game Gran Turismo 5. I am looking for a digital version of "Beyond the Apex" If you have it Gran Turismo YouTube Official GT videos and trailers by Polyphony. We all know that the "Beyond The Apex" publication created by PD was released The Apex" - official GT6 app for iOS (book available in PDF)" thread. . It's really good! they used some of the parts from the GT5 Collectors.

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GT5 Apex - The Exclusive Gran Turismo Magazine PDF Copy of GT5 Apex book, over pages scanned in full colour. Rapidshare. ba - The Gran Turismo Magazine Beyond the Apex is a book released with the limited edition copies of Gran Turismo 6. An iOS release is also available. This App contains not only game play information, but also a new dynamic vehicle database and Beyond The Apex, a special booklet that breaks down, in detail.

There is also a special S Driver Rating reserved for players ranked in the top worldwide. Car performance within each category is equalized using Balance of Performance adjustments to weight and power.

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The FIA manages the series directly as they would with any of their other race series. The winners of the championships are honored at the FIA's annual prize-giving ceremony in Paris.

The live streams of the World Finals in Monaco exceeded a total of 3 million viewers across the various channels. X - Concept cars such as Vision Gran Turismo cars , as well as every other car that does not fit into any of the above categories such as electric cars PlayStation VR support[ edit ] Gran Turismo Sport was originally announced to be fully compatible with Sony 's virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR.

He also mentioned that it will be based on the same physics engine that Gran Turismo 6 uses. Sony originally claimed that Sport is a separate entry, but Yamauchi later confirmed that it is a main entry in the series.

A beta was scheduled to take place in the first and second quarter of before a full release on November 15, [13] but Sony later announced that the beta had been cancelled so as to prevent the game from being delayed to Lasting five days, the open beta allowed a limited amount of in-game progress to carry over to the full release on October 17, It featured 10 new cars, a new track Monza , and new track layouts.

Vehicles such as the Volkswagen Type 2 and the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen have been added to the game.

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Downloadable cars[ edit ] In the Spec 2. Also, there is a newer version of the Red Bull X called the X The PlayStation 3 would not be released until November 11, and with no Gran Turismo game in the console's launch line-up.

Various bits of information and news was revealed about the game from then on but it was not for another three years that the public got a chance to have a proper look at GT5.

March would've been too early. We could have produced the game in time to make that deadline, but the finished product wouldn't have had everything that I wanted to include.

The Gran Turismo Magazine Beyond the Apex

Alongside the original release, two collector's editions were released. One featuring some extra bonus content and the other, more expensive option containing extra paraphernalia such as further reading on car racing.

However, as of September , they're become available again, at least in Europe.

The Paint Pack and Racing Gear Pack wouldn't be re-downloadable if the savegame is deleted after the date, however a patch was eventually released to address that issue.

The online servers were shut down on May 30, Players were awarded with five cars in Gran Turismo 6 for participating in the event. It was not so much a demo of GT5 itself, but actually the first part of the GT Academy, with the fastest drivers from the time trial eventually getting the chance to drive a real racing car in a real racing series.

Nevertheless, it showed what progress had been made since Polyphony Digital's previous game, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in terms of graphics, physics and other aspects of game-play and design. It featured stock and tuned versions of the Nissan Z. The track featured in the demo was the Indianapolis GP circuit, which is new to the Gran Turismo series.

GT Academy is a three-phase competition with the winner being trained and enrolled as a professional racing driver in preparation for a major race event next year. The preliminary virtual rounds tested of driving skills in Gran Turismo 5 using pre-selected Nissan vehicles and all entrants would receive free digital content for playing.

The song used for the trailer was by Japanese composer Daiki Kasho ; many fans wanted to know the name of the song, but it was untitled. Polyphony Digital recognised this and started a competition open to all fans around the world, to submit a name for the song. The winner would have their name immortalised in Gran Turismo 5s credits and their title become the official name of the music track.

This feature would allow the player to move their head naturally while sitting down, upright, and have the view around the 3D cockpit change accordingly. Multiple screens[ edit ] The game supports up to six different views that can be presented on six or more PS3 consoles. Two left views, two right views, server view front with dials , and a front view without any dials all can be duplicated on an extra PS3 console if they are on the same LAN.

Updates[ edit ] Despite series creator Kazunori Yamauchi expressing his distaste for further development on the game after release, [46] the game has been updated and expanded several times in its lifespan. Physics updates have not been documented in the update logs, however many users have noted changes to the physics once updates are installed.

Other updates have included additional events, an online car dealership, removal of the copy protection for saved games , friend rankings, and various adjustments to the rewards and restrictions in the game. On July 21, another patch v2. Spec 2. Along with the release of Spec 2. These packs would feature 15 new vehicles, two new tracks, 20 new driver costumes and new paint colors. All released on January 17, A key feature was the ability to unlock exclusive "academy cars" for use in Gran Turismo 5 as well as a special racing suit for anyone who completed all challenges.He also mentioned that it will be based on the same physics engine that Gran Turismo 6 uses.

Online racing is also featured in the game.

Gran Turismo Sport Game Guide

Notes: - The content of the app is accurate as of December , and any data about additional content introduced with subsequent updates is not included. The live streams of the World Finals in Monaco exceeded a total of 3 million viewers across the various channels. It is also noteworthy that the title supports PlayStation VR headset. Vehicles such as the Volkswagen Type 2 and the Volkswagen Schwimmwagen have been added to the game.

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