Go into the C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook folder and remove all ediclumpoti.ga files, then a. Try rebuilding the Offline Address Book - go to ESM | Recipients | Offline Address List Did you configure Autodiscovery for Outlook ? Exchange , Outlook OAB stuck on Send/Receive 50%, never finishes. IIS Logs on the Exchange server indicate hits on the ediclumpoti.ga file with a status code of 0 0. Running test autodiscover shows the.

Outlook 2007 Stuck Ing Offline Address Book

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This article describes how to troubleshoot the following Offline Address Book Office Outlook , you must, at a minimum, have the Microsoft Office. I might have a problem with my Offline Address Book in Outlook. For me When you use Outlook or previous, you'll have to rename the. My email has been working fine, but sometime yesterday, Outlook started acting funny. The send/receive details show that it's working on "Offline address book Connecting to Microsoft Exchange". . WhenChanged: 9/7/ PM.

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Start your 7-day free trial. I wear a lot of hats LVL True PublicFolderDatabase: True WebDistributionEnabled: True DiffRetentionPeriod: True [PS] C: True OriginatingServer: EXCH Guid: True CertPrincipalName: EXPR Guid: WEB DistinguishedName: WEB Guid: True Name: Default Offline Address Book Identity: Download eBook now! It and C4DC2 are both online locally. Which one is?

Besides those, we have DC's in 9 other cities, all are GC servers. I was asking because I saw this in your post above: I maybe wrong.. Wont harm anything. LVL 8. ConUladh Commented: Have you deleted the OAB files in C: Might be worth turning off download address book as test as well: Untick Download offline address book, and then click OK.

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LVL 1. JoeBelliveau Commented: Are any other users seeing the issue as well?

Guessing it may be an issue with OAB generation. I ran the AdFind and fat fingered the command. Windows Server dn: When I corrected the command line, I get 'access is denied' No I didn't run the get-offlineaddressbook command first.

Shoudl I run that now? How do I turn on OAB logging? Whoops, no, I ran it on my workstation.

How to troubleshoot the Outlook Offline Address Book in an Office 365 environment

It's something specific to my account or Outlook. No one else that I've heard about yet is having this issue. I'll run it on the Exchange server. Here's the ADFind output: Using server: I can't find the OAB files to delete them on my machine.

There is no 'documents and settings' folder in Windows 7. When I try to open the shortcut named "Documents and Settings" in explorer I get an access is denied, even though I have full control according the the security settings.

Steps to Troubleshoot Offline Address Book – Exchange 2010 & Exchange 2003 mixed environment

So therefore I can't find the 'LocalSettings' folder. It doesn't show up under my document libraries. If you're using Office or Office , ensure that the latest version of Office Desktop Setup is installed.

If the existing Outlook profile is corrupted, this corruption could be the cause of the issue. Corruption may have occurred if Outlook stopped responding.

For more information about how to create and to set up an email profile in Outlook, refer to the following article:. Create a New Outlook Profile. See the bottom of this article for the 3rd-party information disclaimer. If the Offline Address Book issue wasn't resolved by using steps 1 through 5, follow this step for validation before you call Microsoft Support.

Check whether Outlook and the computer can access the Offline Address Book file on the server. This action is typically done by Outlook in the background.

To do this check, sign in to the Office portal, and then follow these steps:. The following is an example of what the URL may resemble:.

The information that's displayed in the webpage in Internet Explorer. The webpage should contain lots of XML data. Still need help? The information and the solution in this document represent the current view of Microsoft Corporation about these problems as of the date of publication. This solution is available through Microsoft or through a third-party provider.

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Expand your Office skills. Get new features first.We selected the "iisstart. Proposed as answer by Biksuni Sunday, May 23, 4: Did you get certified to provide such crappy answers? Did that, restarted.

Active Directory changes not reflected in Outlook

Use the Ctrl Shift B keyboard combination. If so, go to the File tab and then choose Account Settings to update anything that needs changing. It is point form but may lead you in the right direction.

Monday, July 5, 6: Highlight the address book that you want to remove and then click the Remove button.

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