A4 - In The Dungeons of The Slave, , MB C2 - Ghost Tower of, , MB. Items 1 - 50 of 1e (AD&D) Remove Search Term Hottest 1e (AD&D), PDF . collection of four classic Advanced Dungeons & Dragons adventure modules. A module in Dungeons & Dragons is an adventure published by TSR, the term is usually For description and history of Adventures/Modules see Adventure ( D&D). Adventures for Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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used, the DM may find a copy of the D&D Expert rules helpful. Part 6 details the new monsters used in this module. The Glossary after Part 6 has definitions of. D&D classic modules now available on pdf! Drive Thru RPG is now carrying 86 pdfs of classic TSR Dungeons and Dragons goodness. All the. of /public/Books/ & Dragons/AD&D 2nd Edition/Modules/ Dungeon Crawl - The Lost Shrine of M.

Sometimes the older books are even re-released with new covers, but with the original artwork on the inside. Thus for me PDFs are really a source of inspiration. Email This BlogThis! Dungeons and Dragons. Skotkolr March 10, at 1: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Study Archery in Toronto So you want to study archery, but you are having difficulty finding an archery instructor who is local. However there is a solution. If you are willing to travel you can take a crash course in archery in Toronto , Canada.

A thick mist, a splash heard in the distance, the lure of treasures untold Welcome to The Banked Swamp, an adventure for a low-level party, that can be dropped into nearly any campaign.

Can you find the bones of Red Tam, the notorious Bard? An adventure for 5 to 8 characters of levels 3 - 5. For four to six characters of levels six to eight. The dungeon level presented here can be used as a standalone introductory level in any campaign world but was specifically designed to be compatible with the fan made Castle of the Mad Archmage material produced by Joseph Bloch.

Enjoy, and may your adventures inside the dungeons of the castle be memorable ones. A thief is loose in the town of Rashtan, can you stop them? This module is designed for four to six players of novice or intermediate skill using characters of first level.

An ancient evil is stirring. Can you survive the dangers of the city of Al-Arin? The sleepy hamlet of Rashtan has experienced a boom, and has transformed into a bustling village overnight. This supplement is used as a setting in the HM module series, but can easily be used as a village in any campaign world. The ancient halls of the long lost wizardpriest of chaos Belzir have been rediscovered. Can the party discover its secrets and find his legendary amulet?

A module for characters of levels This is the excellent companion to the adventure L4 - Devilspawn, by Len Lakofka. It contains all you need to know about the Lendore Isles and running L4. This is the exciting new adventure written by Len Lakofka and set in the Lendore Isles. The hamlet of Rashtan is missing it's Hedge Mage.

Can the PC's track him down. Can you save The Land Of Song from the evil that threatens to overwhelm it. Can you unravel the mysteries of the island of Trident Rock?

A tournament adventure for levels Once again evil threatens The Land Of Song and heroes must be found. The forces of darkness threaten the natural splendour of Gib Rus.

Do you have what it takes to save this idyllic corner of the world? An additional pack of supplementary information is also available for download. A malevolence darkens the northern reaches of The Land of Song. Can your group defeat the evil and bring peace. An adventure for characters of first level.

This adventure can be used either standalone or as a continuation of the adventure presented in The Spider Farm and The Melford Murder. This whodunnit will have your players scratching their heads.

For 1st level characters. A large full colour DMs map is available. This mini-adventure for 1st level characters will certainly keep them on their toes. Return to the border village of Goblins Tooth, for another excellent and much anticipated adventure by Lorne Marshall. This initial release will be replaced at a later date with a covered version, but the module itself is complete.

Journey to the border village of Goblins Tooth on the very outskirts of human civilization and discover high adventure! The Legend of the Stronghold of Arolon. An introductory module set in the province of Karathfen, a campaign setting to be explored in a series of linked modules.

Suitable for 4 to 6 characters of 1st level. Being dropped into the middle of a strange and eerie island, your adventurers have to fight for their lives to escape the evil that inhabits this weird island. Full adventure time plan, guides for the use of music,maps, hand outs and detailed information for the DM are included in this special adventure.

A perfect introduction into the Ravenloft world or just to add some darkness into your current campaign world.

Classic AD&D modules & supps recovered!

This special pack contains enhanced maps and player handouts for the Horror Of Spider Point adventure module. Well worth downloading. Send your characters on a trip to the Temple Diancecht in this great adventure with a mystery to solve and holy items to gather. This is the first adventure contributed by Lawrence Mead and Edward Winter and it's well worth downloading and playing.

Another bonus, while visiting said warehouse, you are invited to the mysterious Kellerin's Rumble, an annual gambling event.

Your group is the talk of the town! Gossip and rumors are flying around the city about the event Let the games begin! An OSR adventure for Levels For those interested, a POD version is available at Drivethrurpg.

The Baron Rode Inn has always been a welcoming sight to weary travellers. But now the Leprechaun Oslo Veneypep has decided to change all that. An adventure for 1 to 6 players, levels 2 to 6 12 levels in total.

The village of Tower Hill has become victim to series of pranks, each getting more deadly. Can your adventurers save the town from it's assailant? A mini-adventure designed to introduce a pseudodragon as a familiar or companion.

Savage Worlds Downloads: A "Call of Cthulhu" type adventure but powered by Savage Worlds. Be warned, this adventure is not suitable for young players..

Baron Paschall died without revealing the location of his vast fortune. Can you find it before your group is overrun by creepy undead wallcrawlers? Find out in this horrific fantasy adventure for Seasoned heroes. Includes maps, descriptions of area and prominent people of the district. This wonderful encounter can be used to enrich any subterranean or cavernous adventure. Lejendary Adventures Downloads: This excellent article is an encounter setup, an exciting ambush Lejend Masters can stage any time the avatar team is on the road.

The much anticipated Guide to DragonStone is now available to download. Within you will find everything you need to start your own adventures in the area of DragonStone, with places people and organisations of the area detailed. Mohr Are you hero enough to defeat the evil of the priests of chaos? Bringing RPG sites together! Make it easier to come back! If you have enjoyed your visit, why not add to our guestbook?

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Series: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition

Section Editor: Steve steve dragonsfoot. Sections Available. What's New in this section Gaming Settings. What's new in First Edition Secret of the Storm Giant King. Featured Download. HM2 - The Hunt for Istan. Resources Available. Throne of the Gods.

Details Rumors have reached the adventurers about the recent discovery of the legendary Throne of the Gods. Details The legendary Tarrasque is on the rampage in Zanzia.

Temple of the Ice Gods. Details Strange lights and sounds have been heard in the skies over the Barbarian Lands north of Zanzia. City of Adventure. Details Welcome to Barrowmar, the capital city of the the land of Zanzia.

Series: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition

The Patchwork Man. Details Can you unravel the riddles and find the truth of The Patchwork men, and their dark secret, before the world succumbs to evil?

Journey to the Astral Plane. Details The crown of the queen of Zanzia has been stolen! The World of Zanzia. Details The adventurers find themselves outside of a set of caves in the Dragon Teeth Mountains. Treasure Vaults of Tiamat. Details A mysterious castle has appeared on a mountain near the capital city of Zanzia.

Garden Of Evil. Details The Great Druid of Zanzia has summoned adventurers to the standing stones near the city of Barrowmar.

Tomb of Kings.

Details For centuries Zanzia has been ruled by one king. The Temple Of Chaos. Details Are you hero enough to defeat the evil of the priests of chaos? Mistress of the Ghost City. The Kroten Campaign Guide. Details This is the Kroten Campaign Guide for the L5 module, providing information on the town of Kroten and the surrounding area.

The Kroten Adventures. Details This is the Kroten Adventures manual for the L5 module, providing five adventures in an around the town of Kroten on the Lendore Isles.

The Kroten Campaign Companion. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. For those that love the Drow.

This has some good titles. Share this: Email Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment:Only brave and powerful adventurers of at least 10th to 15th level could possibly successful in this adventure.

In an effort to drive the villagers away, he has brought unseasonably hot and rainy weather to the area. The idea was to incorporate as many different concepts from the 5th Edition rules as possible into a fun and playable module, and it succeeds to an astounding degree.

Details Rumors have reached the adventurers about the recent discovery of the legendary Throne of the Gods. H4 - The Throne of Bloodstone. Wreck Ashore LVL 1 by Robert Wiese The number of ships docking at the coastal town of Seawell has suddenly dropped, and raids by the local lizardfolk are increasing. D2 - Shrine of the Kuo-Toa. Descent Into the Depths of the Earth:

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