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Read "Small Miracles" by Edward M. Lerner available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. When Brent Cleary, demonstrating a. Listen to the audiobook Small Miracles by Yitta Halberstam, Judith Leventhal at Simon & Schuster. Also find audio excerpts & author videos. Small Miracles book. Read 81 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Have you ever experienced a moment when a seemingly random event .

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AnnaMaria Cardinalli. Some of us will feel this joy when our child makes eye contact with us. Some of us will feel it when we see our child is finally learning to talk. For those of us with children who have been nonverbal for a long time, every word that comes from their mouth will be precious.

And some of us will know this joy when our child finally walks to the bathroom to use the toilet without being told by anyone to do so.

No Small Miracles

When our children do something that we were afraid to ever dare hope for, we feel a boundless joy and gratitude that no parent who does not live in our world can ever touch. You will not find much talk of my feelings of pain, frustration, etc. I want you to know that the author of this book understands and has been through it all. I am a parent just like you.

Understand that expressing my feelings was just not the purpose of this book. It is the joy, rather than the pain, that has been the driving force behind this book.

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After years of struggling and searching, I have found certain ideas that have led to some success for my son. I wanted to share these ideas with other parents of low functioning autistic children, so that they might also experience the joy of hearing words from their nonverbal child, or see an older child finally go to the bathroom independently.

Thus, this book has become more of a guidebook than a personal story, although you will find glimpses of our story sprinkled throughout these pages. So many parents, who have struggled for years to find something to help their child, could easily write a book about the things they have found helpful. It is only that somehow I am finally getting around to writing one. But until we all get together to write such a book, here is my humble contribution. Perhaps some may not respond much at all, and some, I believe, will probably succeed far beyond my son.

Until we find the answer to this autism dilemma, I hope the suggestions you find in this book will help bring about some measure of higher functioning for your child. Both are moms of low functioning autistic boys. Let us listen to their conversation.

Shhh… come with me. Come to the window and look in. See that boy over there? The one with the button-down dress shirt? Look at his pants. Look at those shoes! Yeah… laces.

Imagine how hard it is for Sammy to get dressed.

He has to figure out which arm to put in which sleeve. And forget the buttons! Susan and Sammy engage in a frustrating routine every morning as Susan tries to teach Sammy to do those buttons.

Needless to say, Sammy has trouble with the zipper and clasp on his pants. Why does Susan have Sammy wear such difficult clothing? Because Susan is idealistic and she is fighting for Sammy to be no different than his typical peers. And typical ten year olds are able to do little buttons, clasps, and zippers, and tie their shoes.

Susan will not settle for anything less for her son. His jogging pants have a simple elastic waist. Easy pull up- easy pull down. No buttons. No clasps or snaps. No zippers. Notice how the shirt and pants are one solid color all around. Ron can put his shirt and pants on backwards or forwards and it looks just the same.

What about the label? No problem! So there really is no front and back. Look at the shoes. Why does Linda dress Ron in such simple clothing? Because like Susan, Linda is fighting for her child to be no different than his typical peers.

She knows Ron has a long way to go in learning how to talk, how to socialize, and a host of other life skills. Linda realizes that there are a limited number of hours in a day, a limited number of days in a week, a limited number of weeks in a month, and a limited number of months in a year. Ron is getting older too quickly. So Linda wisely chooses to give her son the simplest clothing to ensure that Ron will become independent in his dressing skills in as short a time as possible.Philip K.

Saying Goodbye. Lists with This Book. Matt, on the other hand, knows what he wants, and that's Cal, his soul mate, the one thing missin 2. Ichadon prophesied to the king that at his execution a wonderful miracle would convince the opposing court faction of Buddhism's power. Divorce and Recovery.

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