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Shaheen Part 1 By Naseem Hijazi Pdf Free Download. Urdu historical novel Shaheen Part 1 By Naseem Hijazi read online free download in pdf format. Shaheen Urdu historical novel was written by Naseem Hijazi in Urdu who is Pakistani Islamic antiquarian and author Naseem Hijazi. Naseem. Shaheen Urdu Pdf Book By Naseem Hijazi Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download or Read Online Urdu. March 04,

After Friday prayers. Now they have awoken. After the speech. Despite this. I wanted to incline them towards revolution.

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I was aware of the fact that living in a Christian kingdom. The first one was a Muslim and her daughter too is a Muslim. But this wife of mine is from a Christian family of Merci and before getting married to her. I think in this regards a religious fatwa from mujahids like you would be more appropriate. This is my second wife. In fact. I would not be able to convince her to leave her faith. I used my Christian wife as a shield. I have not revealed my objectives to her. Is this what you wanted to say?

To this day. I went ahead and married her so that I would be considered a liberal Muslim in a Christian land. You have full right to criticize my modus operandi but God is aware of my intentions.

Before getting married to this woman. Page 69 I asked a friend Now I have realized that it was too late for that. I have not run away because the government has uncovered my conspiracies. They had persuaded my wife on the matter and because of my past conduct. But after getting married to her my problems have eased considerably. But when I found out. Now the only option I had was to migrate. The youth had lost an eye after an arrow hit it. I received an order from Ferdinand. Page 70 When I opposed this proposal.

But I was afraid that if they found out that I wanted to migrate to Granada. I had thought to go to Granada once my work was done and convert my Christian daughter and wife to Islam.

The only reason is that a youth from the royal family of Castile wanted to marry my younger daughter. When we were having dinner. One afternoon when Maria dozed off in the coach… The coachman was an old servant of mine and he knew about my intentions. Maria sided with him saying that the journey would become easier if he came along and I was compelled to surrender.

Because the letter also mentioned something about inheritance. Angela had despised the marriage. I had already briefed Rabia about it. Acting on my instructions. His horse would either remain in front or in the back of our coach. After receiving such news. Because of him.

I was compelled to take a tough decision. Page 71 The end result was that we decided to go first thing in the morning. When I objected. He advised that we would not be able to reach Granada without getting rid of this person. When he got to know that we were going to Merci. You have a bow and you know how to fire an arrow.

I said to Angela. I fired an arrow and then asked the coachman to speed up the coach. Now hurry up! If we change direction. He fell off the horse when the arrow struck him. I asked the coachman to reduce the speed of the coach. I continued my journey with full speed. When Maria awoke we told her that he has gone ahead of us and after that…. When the distance between us became less. This fort that has been graced by your presence is at one end of our territory.

My actual residence is quite far from here. The road was really bad because of the rain. I would like to ask a question. I came out to check whether the guards were at their vigil or cowed in their shells.

Page 73 Judging from their speed I got suspicious and ordered the coachman to increase the speed of the coach.

And if Granada was to give you the duty of guarding all of its borders I thank God that the coach broke at that moment when you had already arrived to help us. They have handed over the security of some of the areas of this region to me and sometimes I have to go out inspecting the check posts.

I encountered you on the way. If you would be kind enough to give me a few good names. After the meeting with Al-Zeghel. But I think you might have to stay here for several days. Badr Bin Mughira used to stay here occasionally whenever he came to inspect the border check posts.

Badr felt no danger of an immediate attack and so he had stationed very few soldiers for its security. Even its boundry walls were not strong enough to withstand a major attack.

This is the reason he had called Bashir Bin Hassan here from the forest instead of taking Rabia to his residence for treatment.

Apart from her father. Her stepmother and stepsister were strong adherents of the Christian faith. Priests of the upper class knew that although disguised as a Muslim. The Christians of Castile knew him as a liberal Muslim. Some farsighted Muslims did suspect him.

Although Abu Dawood had gained his trust a little after telling him a concocted story. He would recite the Quran in Christian gatherings and would make intellectual speeches. In Castile. When she grew up. She had spent most of her initial 13 years in Toledo with her maternal uncle. Rabia had no one in this world. Due to the increasing high handedness of the Christians.

After living in Castile for two years. The Christian authorities would capture them one-by-one and execute them without a trial. When a priest of the city would come to teach the Bible to her stepsister. For these services. He would go to different cities and prepare covert groups of freedom fighters. Abu Dawood had already received a gold medal from Ferdinand and a silver cross from the Lord Bishop of Castile. These quarrels had more to do with emotions than logic and reason. Prior to this.

But like her mother. She often supplicated to God for this to happen. Rabia would not get involved in religious discussions but when some of the things that Maria and Angela would say would become unbearable.

For several days on end. Maria was a harsh-tempered woman and because of her behavior Rabia had come to despise her. She would reply by telling the legends of Tariq. Maria and Angela would say that one of their priests had dreamt that God has chosen Ferdinand to drive…. Angela inherited arrogance and contemptuousness from her mother but within her was heart that. At times she even sided with her in case she felt that her mother was being unfair.

Shaheen / شاہین

Maria often complained that he loved Rabia more than Angela but he always silenced her by saying that Angela does not need his love since her mother is alive while Rabia has no one besides him. Later whenever a fight ensued in their house because of religion. As much as Maria and Angela would get irritated at the mention of his name. One day Maria complained to Abu Dawood that Rabia thinks well of the enemies of their king. Abu Dawood reacted by scolding her and later tried to make her understand.

Like the rest of the Christians of Castile. Rabia would exaggerate and elaborate his many endeavors. Rabia would go to another room. At night when Maria and Angela would kneel in front of the statue of the Holy Mary and pray for the victory of the Christians. Life became a never ending cycle of day and night.

Vivid scenes of Granada would wander in front of her eyes. This feeling grew with the progression of her age. The enthusiasm that bloomed in her heart while contemplating the bright future of the Muslims withered away. Abu Dawood addressed him and said. She now began to feel her loneliness and foreignness. But when she learned that she would be going to Granada with Abu Dawood. She became mentally numb. After this.

The name of the Frontier Falcon was mentioned several times during this trip. But when she learned that the masked man. She would ask. His masculine charisma had an attraction that would have impressed Rabia even if she had not heard of the stories of his bravery. But he turned out to be quite different. Until her condition was critical. But when she started becoming healthy. More that valor.

And when he would attend to Rabia. Angela would anxiously wait to hear the footsteps of this young and pleasant physician and would rush to open the door for him. Page 80 She actually was groaning with pain last night. Your teeth are just fine. Rub it nicely over your gums. No matter how good a physician he might be. Bashir Bin Hassan said. I will give a new medicine. I will have a look. I won't do it again but I wonder why I get… Page 81 Angela would immediately reply.

Rabia would rebuke her and she would become serious and say. I have been relieved a lot by his medicine. Bashir poured out a dose from the bottle onto a saucer and while giving it to Angela said. Please have a good look at her teeth. I will not drink it. God willing. Suppressing back his smile Bashir said.

Bashir said. You must give respect to his stature. While examining my teeth. Saying this. I feel like laughing out loud…and would like him to do the same. Trust me. Your world and his are poles apart. Page 82 After sulking for a bit. Angela while looking at Bashir said. Bashir answered. I have a lot of it in stock. If you feel the pain in your teeth again. Today you should feel quite hungry. I will give you more of this medicine.

Drink it up. Apart from the teeth. Maria was saying. There were houses built along its gated boundary wall. Page 83 Its boundary was as high as the height of two men. Its lower levels had… Page 84 But on returning by evening. Further down were lodges of the army officers. Badr Bin Mughira would hardly find the time to sit with Abu Dawood.

Not only was Bashir an excellent physician. At one corner of the upper level were two wonderful rooms that were given to Abu Dawood and his children. During the day. The center of the valley displayed sparkling water from a small stream. Its windows and ventilators opened outwards. Since the level of the residences was about twice the height of the boundary. Early morning. On the third side was a mosque while the fourth had ruins of old houses. It also comprised a huge balcony facing the patio.

The stables were along the walls opposite this boundary wall. Even Badr would spent his free time whenever he returned from his trips. Angela and Maria would have dinner separately in their room.

One night when Badr and Bashir were having dinner with Abu Dawood. He would also have food with Abu Dawood in his room. Badr had stopped coming to her room to check on her health. Bashir used to talk with Abu Dawood late into the night while Badr was not in the habit of chatting a lot after dinner.

His wife and children are in Castile and I had promised to send him back as soon as we reached Granada. When only Bashir would be with Abu Dawood in the other room.

Angela was used to becoming casual and carefree in a situation. He also wanted to emigrate with his family from Castile but because of my haste he could not bring them along.

On seeing that she had recovered. After tasting the bitter medicine. Can you help prepare for his journey? When he was 14 years old. He is aware of hundreds of secrets of mine and if he were to reveal only one of them to my enemies. The fact is that I rely more on him than on my Christians wife and daughter and this is not because of some extra ordinary quality in me.

I think I should send him tomorrow morning itself. Badr replied. Today he was saying that. But this is because he thinks that I am a bitter enemy of the Christian government and therefore he would give his life for me.

Badr Bin Mughira got up and went to his room while Bashir and Abu Dawood talked till late into the night… Page 86 But this physician is showing no sign of leaving. Angela said. And I am sure if you ask him as to what is going on. Rabia fell asleep by midnight but Angela and Maria whispered to each other till late. I am sure there was some wisdom behind what he said.

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I assure you that father is not interested in religion. Her concern was whether Abu Dawood would actually prove to be an enemy of the Christian government.

What will we do if he forces us to become Muslim once were are in Granada? Open the door a bit and call your father. I feel that I have committed a grave mistake by leaving my country with him.

Time and again. He will leave in a while. Maria opened the door and barged into the room like a defiant wind and yelled. Page 87 Abu Dawood said while promptly closing the outside door.

We will get into a lot of trouble if someone was to listen to our conversation. It will be dangerours for all of us if anyone hears us. Close these windows. I will reassure you in a bit. It is not safe to talk here. Abu Dawood forced Maria onto the bed and said.

I am dreaming of making you the Queen of Granada and you are planning to destroy us. Let me call the. Come on. Once Angela had closed the windows. Page 88 I might change my mind to go to Granada. I am sending the coachman on a very important mission and if that mission is successful.

Maria mellowed down a little more and asked. But they have obliged us with a lot of favors. They have saved our lives. Let me call him for reassurance. Will you simply forget all his favors? I will be able to ask for the forgiveness of their lives.

Even if they were our bitter enemies. They deal with us honorably. Page 89 I am sure he would go to Ferdinand as a prisoner. Ferdinand would give away half his wealth for his friendship.

He would have handcuffs of gold and Ferdinand would ask his Prime Minister… I will take him there despite his opposition. But despite being impressed by its enchanting songs. And this accident that became a cause for their meeting would someday become a beautiful thought of the past. In these conditions.

The governors of Cordova and Seville consider him their benefactor. And as for his favors. He had once saved the life of the Crown Prince of Castile.

He is wasting his precious time with these miscreants. So far. It sited several lamps in the obscurity of the future in front of her. She was seeing Bashir Bin Hassan in the royal court of Castile. For a few moments she went far away from this room. Page 90 She was preaching Christianity to him in her home.

But this latest conversation with Abu Dawood had opened up a new avenue for her to ponder upon. She was being buried under the burden of hopelessness. I am sorry that I caused you so much trouble. The bright sky of hopes was falling one-by-one. The palace of her emotions were being demolished. She wanted to scream…but only if she could scream. Lilies of her hopes were withering away.

She was suffocating. This imaginary happiness was not merely a pleasant breeze for Angela but a storm that. I will try… Abu Dawood brought the coachman along and after closing the door said softly. Page 91 A small error can ruin the entire plan.

Go straight to the Governor of the Border and tell him that I have not given you anything in writing as a precautionary measure. If my master becomes the King of Granada. Our men will be able to see this from far away. If the windows of both are shut. You will not be a guard at the gate of my palace but an adornment of my court.

You will the jewel of my crown. If the star of my destiny would shine then the first house of my loyalists that would illuminate would be yours. If the torch is lit only in one of the windows.

The preparations for your journey would be done early. Now go and rest. Also tell them that if they are not able to attack the fort before midnight. Rabia was hardly interested in this. Make sure you tell them that the number of troops guarding the fort never exceeds fifty.

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Considering themselves to be King. Page 92 Queen and Princess of Granada.

A fear that a hiker feels while climbing the peak of an interesting but dangerous mountain. For her. She now knew that a cage was being prepared for the Frontier Falcon. She thought that although she knew and understood very little about his young rebel of the border. Badr Bin Mughira was a heart-yearning oasis. She wanted to save it. Imagining his intimacy was as charming for her as much as being dangerous. Badr Bin Mughira was that tree in whose branches she had already built her nest.

Few hours earlier she thought that this rebel of the border was far away from every danger of the world and she would get fearful at this thought. She wanted to breach this cage and wanted to put an end to this danger.

This tree was now facing a flood of events. Despite not knowing him much nor understanding much about him. Page 93 Abu Dawood proceeded to his room and Rabia fell asleep after tossing and turning a few times. She wanted to dig the hard earth with her delicate hands and put soil into its roots.

Light piercing through the windows was indicating that the time to perform the afternoon prayer was diminishing. She also had a headache. Bashir Bin Hassan had taken-off her bandages and had advised that the remaining pain in her leg would go away once she starts to walk around.

Walking in fresh air would rejuvenate her feeble body. Page 94 You are still asleep? Go out for a stroll with Angela. A day before. She got up from her bed. After seeing off the coachman.

And that it would do her good if she strolled outside. Abu Dawood came straight to the room and said. Let us go. I would like that we all leave for Granada immediately. Your eyes are red. Rabia replied in a dismal tone. No need to call the physician. Let me bring the physician. I have a headache right now. Bashir looked at Rabia. Maria and Angela looked at Rabia and understanding the reason for their concern.

Do go out for a stroll in the evening. When I woke up in the morning. He had an amazing imagination and his narrative was so strong that there was never a dull moment in his novels.

He would create a perfect character of a Punjabi villager or a sub caste Hindu and an Umayyad Sultan with equal finesse. His characters were very strong and real. Naseem Hijazi was a sentimentalist. He could reduce his readers to tears with his moving accounts of love and war. His extraordinary powers of storytelling and characterization distinguish him among a long list of writers who used history as a background for their novels.

He presents a highly distorted and biased version of history. In every culture there are elements of cultural narcissism. They have an arrogant sense of superiority from other nations and cultures. To them, their culture, language, religion and version of history are the only truths on the face of earth. Unfortunately cultural narcissism has not just been a school of thought in Pakistan but official state narrative and policy, particularly against India.

On the other hand when the same is done by the British in Mysore, South India, conquering the kingdom of Tipu Sultan, Hijazi condemns them as foreign usurpers. In Khaak aur Khoon and other novels which are based on the human tragedy which followed partition of Indian Subcontinent, only the Muslim side of tragedy and suffering is highlighted. Kaiser o Kasra glorifies the Muslim conquest of Persia, but on the other hand Shaheen and other novels on the decline of Moorish Spain portray it as a great tragedy just because this time Muslims were at the losing end.

One becomes a Muslim by entering into the circle of Islam and from that point forward, a Muslim believes in all the core beliefs of Islam and tries level best to implement all those in his or her life. Pillars of Islam: There are five pillars of Islam upon which the whole faith stands.

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These five pillars are obligatory upon every Muslim to observe and follow. Any negligence in fulfilling and practicing these pillars results in great punishment that a Muslim would either receive in this world in some form or in the world hereafter. The lines below briefly discuss the pillars and what they entail, although the information listed below can also be found in a compact form in the two smartphone applications developed by QuranReading.

Shahadah: The first pillar of Islam is Shahadah. It is the proclaimation which a Muslim makes when he or she enters Islam. Without agreeing to this statement in word and in heart, a person cannot enter Islam and if after entering, there rises a doubt in the mind of a person regarding it then he or she has a corrupt faith. Salah: Salah is the obligatory prayer which Muslims perform every day.

In addition to being a means of worshipping and praising Allah Almighty, Salah also stands as one of the best invocations that a Muslim can use in order to ask Allah Almighty of anything.

Moreover, Salah is one of the first things that will be asked about on the Jjudgement Day. Every years Muslims fast for a month every fast in which lasts from dawn till dusk.Page 81 At night when Maria and Angela would kneel in front of the statue of the Holy Mary and pray for the victory of the Christians.

I am sure there was some wisdom behind what he said. Bashir looked at Rabia. He will bring you to me. Despite the treacherous.

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