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Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Advance Research in Computer Science Hacking Attacks, Methods, Techniques And Their. IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE) between hackers, who identify security flaws in order to improve computer systems and crackers, who. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology Research Computer hacking means someone alters computer hardware or software such that it .. [4] ediclumpoti.ga~jain/cse/ftp/ediclumpoti.ga

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Csikszentmihalyi defined flow in terms of the congruence of skills and challenges. Csikszentmihalyi noted that flow is a useful construct for describing more general human-computer interactions.

Csikzentmihalyi proposed that if the activity is too demanding then it may produce anxiety or if it is not challenging enough boredom might be the result rather than flow.

Individuals must experience feelings of control over computer interactions for the activity to encourage playful, exploratory behaviour. Sensory curiosity may be aroused through varied, novel and surprising stimuli Berlyne The Web environment can encourage sensory curiosity through aesthetic qualities of websites or through hyper- links that provide options that encourage exploration Rayport and Jaworski That is, they are involved in the activity for its own pleasure and enjoyment rather than for some utilitarian purpose.

Therefore we have developed a model that incorporates the development of a hacker as shown in figure 1. This is based on the fact that more skill and experience is required to reach the level of cyberpunk or old guard.

It is also assumed that Internals have specific knowledge of the organization and as such may only be inclined to hack when they become disgruntled and therefore do not go through the development stages of other hackers. The Newbie will then develop his or her confidence and so seek more challenge in the activity and therefore seek new tools to meet the new challenge.

Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques

If the pattern of receiving positive feedback in each attempt then the hacker will begin to achieve the state of flow. Therefore the achievement of flow will lead to further hacking.


If the model is supported with empirical findings, then the flow construct would offer some important variables which website designers, network administrators and managers could consider when developing network security policies and designs.

The flow construct has several important determinants. Similarly the curiosity, focused attention and control factors attributed to the flow state offer insights to the conditions that fulfil many of the reported needs of a hacker. Network administrators, designers and managers might use these insights to develop policies that reflect the need to patch holes reported by software venders and hackers so that hacking by Newbies is stifled.

This would require a consistent and collective effort of those who manage networks. Similarly network tools and techniques available to hackers are also available to network administrators.

Hacker Journal N.219 - Aprile 2018

Therefore network administrators need to be aware of and up to date with the development of such tools for Newbie hackers. The more holes that are patched, bugs that are fixed and networks that are tightened up the less available the environment will be for hackers to develop their skills. Understanding hackers is one thing, actually doing something proactive requires a joint effort of those responsible for the networks that hackers attack.

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Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques

Post, J. The dangerous information system insider: Psychological perspectives. Rogers, M.

Sutherland, E. Philadelphia: Lippincott. While the academic world focuses on scientific methodologies conciseness, precision and rigor of the scientific method , the hacking world approach focuses primarily on achieving goals and therefore favors the results over the methods, often producing outstanding results with new, innovative and sometimes unorthodox methods. The goal of the journal is to enable a harmonious synthesis between both worlds and promote constructive research in computer virology and hacking techniques by publishing technical and scientific results, the ultimate objective being proactive research on attacks, through malware or not, and a proactive defense against them.

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Academic edition Corporate edition. Advanced Search Search Help. This journal was previously published under other titles view Journal History. This journal was previously known as Journal in Computer Virology.Issue Please enter a valid issue for volume. Similarly the curiosity, focused attention and control factors attributed to the flow state offer insights to the conditions that fulfil many of the reported needs of a hacker.

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Secondly hacker behaviour is being reinforced through both the computer criminals creating their own communities to encourage each other and the media at times glorifying such behaviour. Advanced Search Search Help. To some extent, these theories been influenced by other fields such as sociology and criminology Feldman, ; Hollin, The purpose of this paper is to develop a model of hacker development from the traditional theories of psychology as reviewed by Rogers, and a theory motivation in human-computer interactions, in particular the flow construct.

They have limited amounts of skill in programming or computing and often gather their information from websites where more developed hackers have published their exploits along with the tools they have developed to conduct their attacks.

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