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Aztag Daily - Ազդակ Օրաթերթ (Armenian Daily Newspaper based in Lebanon). Aztag Daily – Ազդակ Jul 10, (PDF) · widget-image Jul 9, (PDF). Aztag (Armenian: Ազդակ) is a daily newspaper and the official newspaper of the Armenian External links[edit]. Aztag Official website · Aztag Arabic language website · Aztag Kragan - literary supplement (pdf of , number 3 issue). Aztag Daily - Aztag Daily delivers news highlighting Armenia, the Armenian Diaspora, Lebanon, sports, culture, art, community, educational.

JMP–L featured in Aztag’s special edition

This led to sustained violent clashes between government forces and the population, in addition to a nation-wide general strike that lasted for months. During the mandate, the French High Commission settled the Armenian population in various refugee camps throughout near Tyr. There were over twenty schools throughout the country, 6 Numerous educational, cultural, religious, social, Armenian political parties, also functioned within the community.

The Armenian newspapers covered the electoral process just as closely as their Arabic, French, and English counterparts. The three main Armenian and these parties were split in their allegiance to President Chamoun. Aztag Zartonk Ararad dutifully. Members of these parties were also engaged in campaigning for parliament, on both oppositional and governmental candidate party lists.

In addition to covering the elections and their aftermath, the three newspapers those Armenians living in the neighborhoods of Corniche al-Nahr and Bourj Hamoud, areas which had overwhelming Armenian majorities.

Armenian newspapers also adopted this policy.

Bilateral Relations

The neighborhoods were subdivided and each section was referred to by the city or town in Anatolia where initially the refugees, and later their descendants, were from. While current histories of the relationship between Lebanon and the Cold War powers ignore Armenian neighborhoods as a site of articulation of Cold War strategies, Armenian newspapers did identify both Armenians and the Armenian populated neighborhoods as playing a role within the larger competition between American and Soviet policies in Lebanon.

Ararad was not the only Armenian newspaper to treat these areas as national space. Aztag their authority to both their allies and rivals within the Armenian populated voting community within the Lebanese parliament, but were simultaneously MESA R O M E S 47 2 within parliament.

Aztag did not make clear the fact that these men would be serving the Lebanese parliament and representing the Lebanese state. Lebanese state institutions were used to buttress the power of Armenian political parties Zartonk, the daily of the Capitalist Ramgavar party, also reported on the outcome of the elections, detailing the allegedly criminal acts Dashnak party committed within the Armenian areas.

It is unclear if the Zartonk considered them foreign because they were reporting on the violence in Nahr and Bourj Hamoud, Lebanese Arab Beirut, or it was because these Lebanese-Arabic sources were reporting on Armenians in general. Zartonk had relied on these stations before, as sources of national, local, Lebanese, news.

File history

Yet there was an additional othering that took place, one from within the Armenian community. I'd like to add that it is impossible to imagine the daily's survival without the ideological power which backs the daily: The Armenian Revolutionary Federation. The Dashaktsutiune's multi-faceted contributions are the principle source of the daily's vibrant performance. We should also recognize the decades-long beautiful tradition of group cooperation that has been the prevailing modus operandi among all the departments - editorial, management, technical, printing and distribution.

It is the entirety of all these elements that in the face of crises, difficulties and tribulations experienced by Lebanon and the Armenian-Lebanese community enabled the daily to be in a leading position in the Armenian media.


To be fair, the Armenian-Lebanese expatriates' existence outside of Lebanon plays an important role in making Aztag Daily's website so popular. In a very short period after the website was launched that we realized that the longing by Armenian Lebanese is an integral factor.

In other words, Aztag Daily's website www. Our website has a multi-media section.

An increasing number of readers visit the website in order to watch certain interviews or to read a particular news item, written in a concise style, about an event organized by a certain organization. Now we're in the planning stages for facilitating direct web casting of events, interviews, press conferences and round table discussions. The website also facilitates the flow of news.

The website's stability in timely dissemination of the news about the Lebanese political and security tribulations has become indispensable especially for those circles that continue to be deeply concerned about the welfare of their compatriots.

But today, I don't come across similar testimony made by members of middle or younger generations.

In terms of the crowded field of international media, Aztag Daily's primary function for the Armenian reader is to first and foremost be a means to follow Armenian community life and to evaluate the role played by the Armenian factor in the general political landscape of Lebanon.

The print media's ability to disseminate news is slow. Today, the speed of dissemination by concerned parties of news regarding any event, taking place in any corner of the world, is enhanced by the technology of satellite transmission via websites.

When TV became popular, people started saying that the print media's role has become meaningless.

When TV entered into peoples' homes some started questioning the importance of radio. When the web became popular and the electronic media proliferated, the question of the day became: "Has the print media become endangered?

Aztag (daily)

I'm convinced that all the mass media - although different in format and style - will continue to function. The issue remains to be the challenge of adaptation to new conditions of speedy accuracy. We also have the publication of the weekly supplement of Yerkir weekly in Mesrobian classical Armenian orthography; the children's "Bzdig M'uzdig" "Little Mittle" publication that has been widely acclaimed and that serves the purpose of establishing a tie between the child and the print media from a very young age.

The young children not only read the publication but also contribute to it. They present drawings in its pages.

The editorial team and the auxiliary committee annually organize two competitions: the first in composition and the second in orthography. Around three hundred fifty Armenian students, representing all the schools in various parts of Lebanon, participate in these competitions. The Aztag monthly mirrors the essential events and developments related to the Armenian life.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

After the migration of Armenians from the area of Musa Dagh to Lebanon , who settled in the area of Anjar, Lebanon , in , the initiative and efforts of editor Schavarch Missakian organized a contribution campaign among Armenians living in France; as a result, the "Haratch" Elementary School was built next to the newly established St. The Aztag monthly mirrors the essential events and developments related to the Armenian life.

Each publication has a unique history; some of them spanning over several decades. A Republic of Armenia edition was introduced in October We should also recognize the decades-long beautiful tradition of group cooperation that has been the prevailing modus operandi among all the departments - editorial, management, technical, printing and distribution.

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