the AttrAction code Vin DiCarlo with Brian Pettit II WWW. . It is updated regularly , and contains many hard-to-ind mini-books as well as. Author: Vin Dicarlo; Type: Downloadable PDF; Size: MB; Downloaded: times; Categories: Pickup Masters, Art Of Attraction; Do you believe in yourself?. See the good and bad of Vin DiCarlo's Attraction Code has 28 ratings and The Attraction Code Pdf: The Attraction Code review is one of the most well-known.

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The Attraction Code book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Let me ask you: Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that. DiCarlo Diclassified's The Attraction Code reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Vin DiCarlo's advice. An Easy Way To Get Started With. Also By Vin DiCarlo. The Attraction Code. The Woodhaven Letters. DiCarlo's Escalation Ladder. Secrets of Sexual Tension.

We also know that most of these men are using radically diferent techniques and methods from one another. Unique and distinct methods can co-exist, simultaneously being successful and efective. It is not the method itself which brings success, but instead, some hidden trait of the man who is using it.

In my years researching, befriending and modeling some of the most successful pick-up artists, ladies men and naturals, I have found one major commonality. It is not what how they dress, not what they say, and not how they act that makes them successful. It is what they place their attention on and more importantly, how they think. IV WWW. In the past four years I have not only had the interest of more women than I could ever have time for, but I have gotten my life together, rediscovered my passion for art and music, created powerful friendships and above all else, become quite simply… happy.

Please see the terms and conditions at the end of this book for details. It is for entertainment purposes only. Vin DiCarlo, Inc. VI WWW. Special thanks to the DiClassiied Team Brian, chris n, chris P, Zach, Bob, Jason, mike A, mike F, Alex, Alfredo, matt, kristen, mary, and of course Anna for making everything possible and giving me the resources necessary to achieve this vision. I really would not have been able to do it without you.

Your stories are one of a kind. A very big thank you to Brian Pettit who did most of the heavy lifting and research that went into this book. Although this book is comprehensive in every way, and contains all the knowledge you would ever need to be successful with women, the DiClassiied Drills Bootcamp is designed for those men who would like to take their study to a whole new level.

DiClassiied Drills is the only training program I currently ofer to the general public, and is a prerequisite for more advanced and private training opportunities.

You can read about it at http: If you are missing any of these, they may be downloaded at www. In addition you may have received a one-month free trial of my Mastermind Membership site. It is updated regularly, and contains many hard-to-ind downloadable. X WWW. Social Status, Dominance and attraction Secret Traits Dominance and Status Or is it? Leadership Abilities Eyes Wide Open Origins of the attraction Code Technology is Winning the Race Sex Diferences Mind Your houghts Take Me to Your Leader With Boobs.

An Emotional Response Social Intelligence Receptivity Tests Windows of Opportunity Challenge Testing Oh Yeah… Logistics. Sex is about Us Broken Promises Attention Fixation Social Pressure Feedback System Relationship of I-LoC to Dominance If a girl thought a boy was cute, she would write him a love note and they would become boyfriend and girlfriend.

It went on like this for a few years until about high school when some- thing shifted. I saw guys who were complete pricks getting women left and right. I saw guys who were goof offs who got bad grades, and even ugly guys getting the girls that I so desperately wanted. It was no longer about looks. Sure, if a guy was extremely good-looking he would attract some female attention, and some women would even outright tell him that they were interested.

Hell, it even happened to me a few times. I thought long and hard about why this was and the more I thought about it, the more confused I became. Was it their sculpted, muscular bodies? Was it their intelligence? Every time I thought I was onto something I would ind ive examples prov- ing it was wrong. What was a guy to do if he liked a girl and wanted to attract her?

I realized that if I wanted to have more than opportunities to go on a date each year then I had to become really good looking overnight… or become a rock star. Actually, there was one other option. I realized I could get proactive about the whole thing and start approaching women. I still had trouble speaking up to answer a question in class never mind ap- 17 WWW.

And very quickly, I realized that this would be harder than I irst thought… th e eAr ly F r u s trAtion s i FAced As A P i c k-u P Ar tist in trAin in g When I irst started approaching women, I realized that if I was too forward or showed too much interest it was very common for a woman to reject me.

I swung completely the other way and started to fake disinterest. It was even worse than when I was straightforward about my intention. I memorized a few lines and started using them in my interactions.

And sometimes I would get great reactions! But other times I would fail miserably… even though I was saying the same things that sometimes worked. It got me thinking. Finally I realized something profound. I began to see a pattern emerge: If I felt really good, I would do well no matter what I said, but if I felt so-so I would get rejected.

Although I was still pretty bad at the time, it was this realization that ultimately inspired me to spawn an entire movement of Natural Game pick- up artists. His name was Tony and he could practically have any woman he wanted.

To his credit, Tony was not very good looking at all. Let me tell you… He could go into any club in NYC and walk up to the hottest women and sometimes leave with 2 or 3 of them. If anyone could tell me the secret to success with women, it was him! I got together all of my strength and conidence and approached this guy hoping that he might share his secrets.

I ended up sitting at the bar with him and I asked him what made him so good with women. He immediately turned the conversation around and asked me about what I did to attract women. I started explaining what I did back then. Why make things hard? Pick-up is eAsy. When I dabbled with memorizing really long routines, I saw more evidence of what he was talking about.

Early on, I would memorize all kinds of stuf before I went out to meet women. And it was interesting… Maybe it was just me but I noticed that the less my mind was illed with technical structures and details, the more attention I had available to interact socially… And not only that, the less prepared I was, the more spontaneous I would become.

But one thing is for certain. I have massive success with women. If most men saw the caliber of women I was turning down on a daily basis, their jaws would drop straight to the loor in sheer disbelief. I read all the books on how to be successful with women. I went out to bars, clubs and malls relentlessly and kept detailed journals of my progress….

But most importantly I took action. Society, the media, your friends, parents and even women all give conlicting advice, which can be hard to sort through. I have seen it work for other men in our bootcamps, and I am conident that it will work for you. You could go out, recite my lines word for word and get instant results with women.

But I decided irmly against that. Techniques become forgotten or overused. Without the understanding behind the techniques, the whole book would become quite pointless. I want you to experience a profound inner shift in your thinking, your perception of the world and how you understand attraction. Above all, I want to give you a single piece of writing that will change 24 WWW.

In chapter 1, we will explore the concepts of social status and dominance through the framework of evolutionary psychology. As we explore these concepts, certain clues will be revealed to help uncover the true meaning of the Attraction Code.

I invite you to play along… Using the clues, how much about the Code can you igure out on your own? Here we discover even more clues and insight into the Attraction Code and learn about the reason why men and women act the way they do.

Resist that temptation. Chapters 1 and 2 are essential for understanding the origin of the Attraction Code as well as laying down the proper foundation for incorporating the Code into your behaviors.

In chapter 4, I will reveal the Attraction code, which is a simple model any man can use to create invincible dominance by making systematic adjustments to the 4 Elements of Personality. Abbreviated 4EP Have you ever noticed that when you are in a great mood or emotional state that techniques work beautifully but when you feel so-so these same techniques fall lat?

By the time you inish, it will be as though you have already experienced it one time from start to inish. In each story, Patrick faces a diferent set of challenges. Sometimes you will have already been exposed to the solution, and sometimes that solution will be presented later on in the book. In other words, a brief road map of where you can go next if you are interested in taking this further. By nature of being a man, you already have it in you.

Why is this? It is because these physical traits indicate good genes. Good skin and hair are signs of health. Large breasts indicate fertility and nurturing. If you have sex with the woman just described, the odds will be better that she will a get pregnant with your baby and give birth without complica- tions, b have healthy children to carry on your genes and c survive and stay healthy long enough to protect and provide for those children until they reach maturity.

Women are also attracted to certain traits. Sure, they appreciate good skin, hair and teeth but the emphasis is diferent. Relatively speaking, men are more attracted at a gut level to physical traits and women to character traits. So what is dominance, how does a woman recognize it and how can a man cultivate it? When we discover the Attraction Code, it will probably have to do with internal habits, but it will probably be counterintuitive.

In order to understand status and dominance, we irst have to look at groups of people and how they interact. Any gathering of two or more people can be considered a social group. When people in a social group interact — whether verbally or nonverbally, they are socializing. Inherent in all social groups is a hierarchy of status; social status is the hierar- chical organization of relative inluence. In simpler terms, status is the order of importance of people in a group.

A dominant person is one who is higher up on this ladder relative to the others. Remember high school? Which boys and which girls were the most popu- lar? Who were the tagalongs of the popular group? Status is a measure- ment of perceived value: Many people associate dominance with controlling others, ighting, manipu- lation, or using verbal, emotional or physical force and violence. A dominant man has no need to assert his dominance because it is unquestioned. I want you to understand that dominance lies in self-control.

People will grant you status as a byproduct of the self-conidence, focus and integrity you exhibit Fear and intimidation may work to get people to do your bidding in the short term, but respect and attraction cannot be forced. I think about JFK and Braveheart.

I think of guys that make those around them better. I think about men who protect and care for others, and at the same time get respect and admiration from those around them. I think about true leaders. You probably know a group of men and women friends that has a very clear leader. How do women respond to him? In every social group there is a dominant individual, and this individual exercises signiicantly more persuasive inluence than any other single member of the group.

In this scenario, she is efectively the leader of the group. Become aware of how dominance asserts itself, what it looks and feels like, and how it is maintained within the group. The Attraction Code must have some relationship to dominance and social inluence… but what is that relationship exactly?

My story begins a few months back Jasmine and her friends are going to meet us there. I can hear Steve shouting from the kitchen. He is saying something ridiculous as usual and everyone is cracking up. Although no one will admit it, Steve is kind of our leader. Everyone checks with Steve about what our plans are for the night. Steve is a moron. He dropped out of college his junior year. But Toby gets no respect from the rest of the group.

Well, there was this cougar a couple years ago We tease him about that, too. My point is that Toby is a smart dude, and is very success- ful. Steve is a bum, and can be a real asshole, especially when he drinks. I met her through some friends, and asked her out because I heard that she thought I was cute.

She complains a lot and criticizes pretty much everything I do, from my clothes to my friends. I tell her constantly but she says she worries about our future.

He also recognizes the domi- nance hierarchy in his social group. First, Patrick puts his girl on a pedestal because she is pretty.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder –

Women get assigned value because they have a certain physique and facial structure that is not in their control. Men are wired to value beauty — it indicates good genes and makes us want to procreate. He has a major dominance deicit. He thinks he loves her. Actually, he needs her. His main source of emotional validation — his relationship — would be gone. Patrick is afraid of not being sexually validated. Do you notice the urge to make yourself look sexually powerful or give the impression that you get laid a lot?

It sneaks in there. It has been drilled into your mind since day one. Patrick is unconsciously terriied of losing Jasmine, because he knows that inding another woman would be incredibly diicult.

Steve always takes the cute women that his friends hang out with. And the older Patrick gets, the smaller his social circle becomes. Internet porn is becoming more and more his primary sexual outlet.

Amongst lions for example, the most dominant member of a group is usually the largest, the strongest and the most aggressive. He takes what he wants and is rarely challenged. If another lion challenges him he either kills the challenger or the challenger kills him and thereby becomes the new dominant lion.

Rinse and Repeat. Millions of years ago this was true among humans as well. However, as we became more adept at communicating and planning, people began to recognize the value of alliances. No matter how strong and intimidating one man was, he was no match for three or four men of average strength that were organized against him.

A man who could organize and persuade other men to join him was more powerful than one who bullied and alienated others.

So, the ability to lead the group became the new standard for dominance. Men would naturally compete for this position because of the increased access to food and mates, but the dominant male also had a huge responsibility. He was expected to comfort and take care of others and could not show weakness.

I I want to clarify that I use the word dominance in two ways; as an absolute position and as a relative one. In the absolute sense, the top male in the group is called the dominant male.

Other than that, dominance is relative. Tom may be more dominant than Bob but less dominant than Ken. First, they were under the protection of men who had inluence over resourc- es. A tAle o F two gen tleM en Dominance is highly contextual. It does not exist in objective reality. Your boss has dominance over you at work. He can ire you and take a longer lunch break.

On the company basketball team, you may be dominant if you have a better jump shot. Furthermore, one of the least skilled players on your basketball team may be more dominant when you all go out to the bar after the game. He may be more extroverted and experienced when talking to women Imagine two average guys, same build, look, dress, and job.

One guy behaves like himself most of the time, but in social situations tends to defer to others and is very shy around women. His mindset. As stated before, dominance is assigned, but begins in your mind. Our minds are designed for social status management. We think in terms of hierarchies.

Many men are not dominant in their thinking, but instead are concerned with trying to become more dominant. Relect for a second on the nature of your thoughts.

Sometimes they may be thoughts of comparison, quantiication, desire or regret. Dominant men think diferently than most. A g li tc h i n the M Atrix Today we still respond to social dominance, but no longer live in small tight- knit tribes. She makes unconscious judgments to determine your status in two ways. One way to improve your success with women is to become a celebrity. A woman is paying attention to dominance cues. Her awareness is so ine- tuned that she assesses men in a split second.

Our society has developed to a level of sophistication far beyond what our emotional circuitry is ready for. A high status man is accustomed to people treating him in a certain way and his entire manner relects this.

I try to make her jealous by talking to other girls. What the fuck! I go sit down with Steve, who is flirting with the waitress. He must know her. This guy seems to know everyone. I feel like shit, so I get a pitcher and go to town.

Then Jasmine comes over and sits next to me. She is being all touchy-feely all of a sudden. I like it, but it seems weird I call a cab. I try to con- vince her, but she refuses. What the hell? I go home alone. I text her but I get no response. I pass out. The next day I get a text back. She says her phone died last night while at the bar, and she wants to talk. I call her. She starts asking questions about our relationship. She used to tell me it would last forever Was she lying the whole time?

I curl up and cry. I want to vomit.

The Attraction Code

Jasmine was already sick of Patrick. She probably had no- tions of hooking up with Steve even before the night began. When Jasmine came over to Patrick, but was looking at Steve, she was using Patrick as a tool to get Steve sexually attracted to her. She knew that Steve is the kind of guy who would pick up on her signals.

You and your girls are welcome to hang out. But he will. Patrick is devastated by the outcome of all this. Understandably so — he is a human being with emotions. He has been betrayed by two people he thought he could trust.

What he will come to realize is that he betrayed himself irst. He sold himself short on what he felt he deserved in his life. He is so upset that he curls up and cries in bed. He also thought that the relationship was an agreement.

An obligation for both partners, and that they had to stay in love with each other, whether there was attraction or not. As a result, he never learned how to talk to women in an attrac- tive way. Steve developed his game as a single guy. He hooked up with women, no strings attached, and kept his conversational skills sharp. It looks like he already knows women when he talks to them. To everyone else, it looks like they are already friends.

Although I have had girlfriends ask for this very thing Sheer dominance will get some women some of the time, but it at the same time, it violates many social rules. We need to dig deeper. In the next chapter we are going to go back in time, and search for more clues that will lead to the discovery of the Attraction Code.

We will irst be going way back to the time before language even existed, and then fast-forward all the way up to the modern society of today. I was telling him that women like it when a man guides them by putting his hand on their lower back, like when you are slow dancing or crossing the road. It makes them feel valued and safe. He agreed, but thought this was ultimately rather silly.

He was only seeing the surface. I explained that our modern society has existed for just a sliver of time com- pared to our long human history. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived in treacherous environments, full of predators, competition, and scarce resources, and around the world many still do today. You should ask her what she wants to show that you care about her.

Today, women are almost equal to men in legal terms. True, inequalities exist, but women have just as much chance to provide for themselves as men do. And yet… the strong desire to seek out and mate with men still exists. As a species, our instincts have not caught up to our rapidly changing society.

It takes about 1, generations for a signiicant, observable trait to manifest. Society evolves by the minute. We are so smart that we have created a foreign environment that changes faster than we do. We are operating on old software, and the most important thing to under- stand when your goal is to attract women, is that they are also operating on old software.

And unless there is something seriously wrong with you, you have enough survival value to attract any woman you want. It has become a game of exhibiting cues that convey relative dominance. Keep in mind, there has to be a balance. We cannot just simply play the old game. Some new rules also apply and we must take that into consideration. For example, downloading a drink for a woman as a way of getting permission to talk to her is a weak move because it conveys to her that you are not valuable enough on your own and you need the added value of a strawberry daiquiri to be worth her while.

If you are already having fun together, it can be good to get a round of shots for the two of you. You are downloading her a drink — a relatively modern conven- tion - but you are doing it in a way that conveys survivability, providing for her 52 CHAPTER 2: She is looking at your character instead of your cool haircut or your fancy watch.

I assure you they are not. If you have a job and a nice car and health insurance, then you are a survivor. Unfortunately, she is not wired to screen for a nice car and health insurance. Even a woman who asks you what kind of car you drive is really screening to see how you answer the question. In other words, she is testing something else, and is probably a characteristic that has evolved over millions of years. It will already be in you. We cannot trust modern science or even the latest psychology to point us in the right direction.

After birth, the child needs to be fed, protected and taught to be self-suicient. Just as a man is driven to pass on his genes, a woman wants to pass on her genes as well. She is attracted to a male who is sexually virile, strong, a survivor who can make a lot more survivors in their ofspring because they carry his genes. Have you ever wondered why women are so much pickier when it comes to sex, when men will sometimes try to have sex with anything that moves?

When the female has sex she takes more of a risk to her survival than the male who impregnates her. In order to make a baby, a man must simply thrust until he has an orgasm. Tough job, right? I once saw a comedian who mentioned that he was going to be a father in 4 months.

Animals are wired to be chemically rewarded for doing their evolutionary duty. In fact, because she is taking a bigger risk, she experiences a greater chemical reward.

At the same time however, she has more to lose. As a result of sex, a woman could get pregnant and need to ex- pend an enormous amount of physical and emotional resources. Our ancestors faced new kinds of predators and could no longer stay up in the trees to avoid being eaten.

By sticking together, a troop of bipedal standing on two legs apes could fend of a lion that would easily mangle any one of them. Much more recently, around , years ago, the climate changed drasti- cally, becoming very cold and dry. Anthropologists call this an environmental bottle-neck. It is the kind of situation that speeds up the evolutionary process because it demands that you adapt or die. Other species adapt and become stronger.

In a colder climate, our age-old sources of food - bugs and berries - were no longer avail- able, and we had to hunt bigger sources of protein. Shelter and clothing were a necessity in order to survive the harsh ele- ments. Locations conducive to survival — warmth, water, and food, were hard to ind. We had to share resources. We had to learn to get along with each other, form alliances, share information.

Our minds gave us the ability to remember, form social alliances, maintain social status, and strategize day-to-day survival. Brute force was no longer all important.

Because we were now a social species, the new alpha-male was the man who was valuable to others. He was no longer a bully, but a leader in the group. A profound and revealing fact must also be mentioned. Remember that tribal pre-humans emerged 2 million years ago.

For most of our history, we communicated by entirely diferent means. Again, this is not enough time to phase out what took so long to hard- wire into our nature. Humans communicate verbally, but more so non-ver- bally, through body language, emotions observed physically, eye contact, vocal inflection.

So we know that body language and other physical cues are much more signiicant than language. But I want what Steve has. In my heart, I will never forgive him.

But I will tell him that I forgive him so that things can be cool. That way I can find out what the hell it is he does that makes him so attractive to women.

Steve is definitely a confident guy. What makes him so confident? Fuck what everyone else thinks. You can do better. Fuck these girls man. Do your thing.

Thanks Dr. I notice Steve does certain things. He is loud, and says random shit. He wears old soccer t-shirts to the bar. He talks about his dick constantly.

He hugs girls a lot When we are at the bar, I always see him talking to a girl with his phone out. I want in. I have another friend. His name is Terrell. We lived on the same block and would usually walk home to- gether after school. In 8th grade, we started hanging out, and since then we have connected on some really deep conversations. I love the guy to death but I feel like we come from different worlds sometimes.

We stay in touch and occasionally have a couple beers together. One topic that always comes up is girls. Not literally, but he has probably hooked up with more girls than Steve.

You can tell when you talk to him. He is cool, calm and confident He has adopted a student role. Even a master knows that he is always a student. In this acceptance a man is free to move toward perfection. Whether he achieves it or not is irrelevant. Patrick has begun the process. Steve actually gives Patrick good advice.

Patrick has completely diferent life experience than Steve. What makes Steve attractive is that he acts himself. He does not seek approval. Because of this, he is assigned high status among men and women. He satisies the irst need of wom- en; the need for dominance. Even though he is weak in other areas, he still dominates his social group and is very successful with women.

Terrell embodies this advice as well, but he does something else — he is very smooth. Groups of 50 to were bound by blood, social alliance, and sex. Successful humans stuck together, and helped each other navigate the environment. With- in these tribes, some men were more adept at survival than others, and were thus appointed status, or inluence, in the tribe. Imagine two men — a big strong man who used brute force to hoard food and overpower women; and a smaller but smarter, physically capable man who brought people together for the better of the group as a whole.

One man will gain the respect and support of many, the other will not. So, as organized tribes emerged, physical dominance lost some of its power in exchange for social adeptness and intelligence. A man who could bring people together in allegiance to him based on his superior survival value would have much more inluence than any lone brute. Second, a man is domi- nant, not because of his size or aggressive nature, but because of his mind and how he thinks.

A man is dominant, and therefore attractive because of his character — how he thinks and acts — more so than his physical size or appearance.

Not only is he skilled socially but he is a strong leader. He knows where the good hunting is; he bravely protects his tribe members against predators or other tribes. In sex, he not only seeks his own pleasure, but seeks to pleasure his woman as well. He is who he is, and the group sees his value, and is loyal to him. Although being physically it was still attractive because it indicated having good genes, being a leader was more important.

What does a leader do? While the nature of the alpha man has changed through time, the responsi- bilities and perks are exactly the same. Ac t c i V ilized. Around 10, years ago, humans developed farming and started settling into local communities.

With the evolution of cities came organized governments — which were really just extensions of the tribal leaders. Organized governments began to regulate the mating habits of citizens. Government was not like our democratic republic, or other current governments formed with the intention of preserving peace and protecting citizens.

For most of civilized history, governments were more like bullies than protectors, ruling with violence and intimidation. Kings would build harems, selecting the most attractive females from the territories they ruled.

At the same time as farming camps grew into villages and cities, the family unit became integral to maintaining cultural and religious order. Marriage was institutionalized to keep mating habits in check. Women could no longer have the freedom of expressing their attraction to those men who they were naturally attracted to. Promiscuous women were branded as witches in Europe and colonial America, and tortured to death.

As this trend continued, socializing and mating became more symbolic and organized. Women were now forced to live under diferent rules that were incongruent with their natural biology. Is it really possible the Attraction Code will allow men to bypass this dilemma completely?

See a Problem?

Jewelry, property, and financial power became arbitrary status indicators. We are still persuaded to believe these things indicate actual dominance. Laws were imposed to make women subordinate to men and they were treated like property for the wealthy and powerful to possess. Instead of expressing their sexuality in an honest, healthy way, women do the same things men do.

Women put makeup on their faces, download shiny trinkets for their wrists and ears, and uncomfortable, expensive clothes to enhance or reveal parts of their bodies. Put simply, women want pleasure, without being persecuted and labeled as desperate or sluts. How did your ancestors have sex? Women want what you can give them. Steve used to date this girl, Jill.

Jill and I ended up being friends nothing more, of course. Jill still comes around to hang out. Sometimes she brings her friend Alicia. Alicia is really cute, and is also really cool I think I noticed some heavy eye-contact, but it might be all in my head. Every time Steve talks to her, he looks like he is trying to spit game, but Alicia will have none of it.

Since me and Jill are tight, she gives it to me. The next night, Thursday, I decide I will call around 8pm. Jill gave me your number.

So um I was um, I had a bunch of stuff to do today. Yeah it sucked. I mean not weird, but Patrick is so nervous that he is: Will she reject me? How am I going to ask her out without getting rejected? Patrick will learn this, the hard way. After a few min- utes, Patrick pulls it together enough to slow down and have a relatively coherent conversation Finally he gets around to it. Just give me a call! Seriously though, Patrick has absolutely no idea how to set up a date in a dominant way.

By favor of the gods or a little convincing from Jill Alicia actually answers the phone on hursday, and agrees to go out to dinner with Patrick on Friday. Taking a girl out to dinner is, in itself, a huge mistake unless you already have dominance in efect.

I just thought you were really cool and we had a really cool conversation and so I wanted to tell you that. To like, a movie or something? A lot.

Alicia never answers. I probably said something stupid. The only way to find out what I did wrong is to talk to Jill. I call her and ask her what Alicia thought of me.

Women want a man. They hate it when guys get all emotional and sentimen- tal too early. It just looks weak. Alicia goes on a lot of dates, and is very picky.

She almost never sees guys more than once or twice. She does Every single guy! They are extremely aggressive and leering, or they get really quiet and weird around her. I guess I was the third way — super nice.

Jill thinks for a second. It feels like you want something from us. I want to go out, date, have sex, maybe even have a girlfriend. Why do you want so much from Alicia? You barely know her. It looks desperate. She used to hook up with this guy a while back, because he was cool and the sex was good. But then even he got weird on her and started calling too much. He started sending her flowers and stopping by without calling first. And then they get creepy.

They want a man who can relax and be himself, without getting needy or weird.

If Patrick could have asked Alicia what went wrong, he would have heard the follow- ing things: First of all, the phone call was weird. It was nice that he called, but he sounded nervous, and the conversation felt forced.

Obligation is the opposite of attraction. Go to work, pay your taxes, and wait in traic. Anytime a person feels obligated to do something, their interest and attraction to that thing goes down… Way down. Patrick picked Alicia up Friday night, and it was the same as on the phone. He was incredibly nervous and the conversa- tion felt forced.

Alicia has seen this so many times from guys — they want the job of being her boyfriend. She had a lot of experience with guys trying to bribe her into sex with dinner, jewelry, favors, etc.

Alicia actually entertained the thought of making out with Patrick later if he could calm down. It felt so awkward. Patrick will put some major pieces together from talking to Jill. He will realize that the road he needs to be on will lead him to his true self. He realizes that all his life, he has been giving women too much credit, based on their looks. He realizes that he did want a relationship with Alicia, without really knowing that much about her.

How can he be less needy and separate himself from other guys? First and foremost, Patrick needs to be more relaxed around women.

His nervous state gets transferred to those around him. Maybe he wants to hurt her, or maybe he wants to use her for sex and never speak to her again. Nervous body language and forced conversation is very unnerving to a woman half your size.

Of course women make sense. Sure, I make mistakes and sometimes misunderstand the signals women give me but upon relection it always makes sense. Perfect sense.

Women make perfect sense - just as men make perfect sense. Women are looking at your body language and voice tone to determine who you really are. But to men, women can seem complicated or even downright chaotic because they have diferent desires, drives and fears. When you hold a book up in the air you can feel gravity pulling it towards earth.

DiClassified Trainer, Brian Pettit

Let it go and it falls. When the object of attraction is away from the one who desires it, the force of attraction can be felt. Once she has it though, the force of attraction is no longer perceived. Attraction is keeping this drive alive by never fully satisfying it. What she wants is one half of attraction, not having it is the other half. She interprets this as you being desperate for sex.

She will feel that you are going to use her for sex and then move on to your next conquest. A good way to naturally create tension is to wait before resolving emotions or information. You need not do this in a manipulative way. If you just met this woman, she is not that important to you yet. Men want women to like them so much, that they will spill their life story as a way of seeking a pat on the head — very weak.

Let her ind things out about you. Easy to understand. Great looking ebook. Last part could have been better organized. The Bottom Line This book simplifies the game considerably. It teaches you to focus not on techniques or controlling people, but on controlling yourself. You will learn to manage your thoughts and express yourself freely, in order to become a natural.

An excellent read for beginners to intermediates. The company has gone on to create much more successful products like Pandora's Box , however in this book you could already see the beginnings of the majority of Vin DiCarlo's theories.

How to Think Right There are many ways to meet women, and very different approaches can actually work. This book is about teaching you how to think right. The less your mind is filled with details and instructions, the more spontaneous and charming you become — this is the basic concept of Natural Game very different from the structured strategies of Mystery's Revelation or Love Systems' Magic Bullets , for example.

Well Presented and Thought Out The ebook is well presented, with excellent graphics, classy pictures, etc — very professionally put together. You hear his thought processes, mistakes, and progress. While this may sound gimmicky, it is actually well written and useful for readers to relate to. It Should Happen Naturally The first two chapters explain social and evolutionary psychology theories, and how those relate to Natural Game.

From the research, DiCarlo concludes that attraction is a game of displaying cues of dominance. Displaying these cues should not be done through tricks and techniques but through higher level processes.

That way you don't have to think how to pass tests that women give you, it just happens naturally thanks to the way you perceive yourself on the inside. Relying too much on techniques and lines, says DiCarlo, can stop you from internalizing the core attitudes of an attractive man.

The experience of a dominant man is different from the experiences of others, not just externally in terms of projection of confidence, but also internally, as an emotional experience.

In fact, it is what happens internally that makes the outward confidence possible. DiCarlo asks you to reflect for a second on the nature of your thoughts.Social Status, Dominance and attraction Put simply, women want pleasure, without being persecuted and labeled as desperate or sluts. I guess I was the third way — super nice. I got together all of my strength and conidence and approached this guy hoping that he might share his secrets.

He takes women on dates, spend his money and even impress her with his entertaining stories. Text Your Ex Back. That was precisely what I wanted.

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