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Such characters bore a distinctive mark of impotence, effeminacy, and homosexuality, easily associated with the ambig- uous relationships they had with their young pupils: SdB, lxxxi.

Occasionally, characters may be easily recognizable, as is the case for Angelo Poliziano during his stay in Pisa: SI, x.

A malicious double enten- dre is concealed, in all likelihood, behind learned references to the hills of Mount Parnassus, Cirra e Nisa, since the latter was sacred to Bacchus. One of the typical features of SI, indeed, is that a wide range of learned — especially classical — refer- ences is channelled into grotesque, base caricatures, and classical presences become part of the vast repertory of equivocal metaphors and images, under the usual label of euphemism.

For example, in such contexts Greek and Latin sententiae may aptly serve the same purpose as popular proverbs and idioms, as is the case with the fol- lowing example: Non dice Horatio un motto?

Tractant fabrilia fabri: SI, xvi. Topics of such slander are largely traditional, reaching far beyond Burchiello, and back to the Origins of Italian poetry.

Since the contro- versial tenzone between Dante and Forese Donati, accusations such as gambling or even cheating, the robbery of churches and hospitals, various types of sexual transgressions such as sodomy and pedophilia are customary in comic and real- istic sonnets, in the tradition of Rustico and Cecco Angiolieri.

SdB, cxii. As targets of such poetic invectives in vituperium, Rosello Roselli and Matteo Franco appeared similar in many ways: The clear reference to Soddoma, the re-use of an equivocal verb such as imbottare, the ambiguous meta- phor of the olio all seem to openly reveal the source of this intertextual loan: Following established practice in medieval rhetoric, the meticulous adoption of various expressive tools used in the proposal rhymes, topics, images made this lyric style particularly suitable for comic and realistic controversies, using popularizing verse techniques and vocabulary often drawn from daily city life, to the extent of imitating specific dialects and jargon.

At least until the end of the Quattrocento, this par- ticular sub-genre appears very conservative as far as the main topics of invective are concerned: In other words, the material proximity to serious rhymes results in a limitation of the expressive freedom that constitutes a paramount feature of comic versification, particularly in the use of dialects and jargon, and eventually promotes a homologation to the mainstream tradition of monolingualism. All in all, we may safely assume that the second half of the fifteenth century sees a progres- sive polarization of comic sonnets toward personal invective and vituperium, rather than experimenting with bizarre and obscure images such as in the alla burchia texts, or in the frottola genre.

Based on a greater use of popular or popularizing lexis and idioms, this renewed vocabulary draws upon a diverse range of topics: A good case in point may be the direct allusion to gambling: SI, xii. Syntax-wise, such poetic experiments have often been described as non- sense, although this label fits medieval literature quite poorly: Such extensive reuse of learned and technical vocabulary is often associated with a linguistic and rhetorical process that is commonly found in comic literature at large, that of deminutio, i.

Such were the main purposes of the so-called berta della loica a cari- cature of medieval followers of Aristotelian logic, such as William of Ockham ,29 but also illustrious examples of earlier, Latin patterns such as the invectiva contra medicum made famous in the Italian literary tradition by Petrarch.

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Poliziano, Detti, 78 and Berni, Rime, liv. Related Papers. Franco - L. Pulci, Libro dei Sonetti anticipazione.

By Michelangelo Zaccarello and Alessio Decaria. By Alessio Decaria. Statement of current research. By Michelangelo Zaccarello. Gli Autografi dei Letterati italiani.

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Il Quattrocento: Tommaso Baldinotti An Unknown Episode in Burchiello's 16th-century Reception. Download pdf.

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Click here to sign up. Bergamo Died: In his Dominican theologian.

Stephen, in Bergamo, where he began his Baldassarre, but there is no reliable information philosophical and theological education, which regarding his exact year of birth. The information he completed in the Dominican convent of Bolo- concerning his life is few and fragmentary.

At an gna, where he especially deepened the knowledge early age, he entered the Dominican convent of of the thoughts and works of Thomas Aquinas. He St.

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Stephen, in Bergamo, where he began his was a priest and teacher and had illustrious stu- philosophical and theological education. Around dents such as Domenico from Fiandra, Paolo from the middle of the century he was sent to the Soncino, and Girolamo Savonarola.

He died on Dominican convent of Bologna, an important cen- October 15, , in Piacenza. In , tic tabula of its era. He also published the the Bishop of Ventimiglia, Giacomo da Savona, Ethimologiae sive Concordantiae dictorum ordained him priest. Sgarbi ed. In , Peter obtained his Masters in works of Thomas Aquinas.

He had illustrious students, includ- divided according to the commandments, the cap- ing Bartolommeo Comazzi, Vincenzio Bandelli, ital vices, the works of mercy, and the violations Domenico da Fiandra, Paolo da Soncino, and of duties see Falzone ; Mazzucchelli - Girolamo Savonarola. It appears that Peter also wrote many other The city of Piacenza erected a tomb for him near secular and religious works, which, however, the altar of St.

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Thomas, in the convent church, and have never been published and were exclusively in , his remains were moved under the altar of used internally in Dominican convents see the Dominican church of S. Giovanni in Canale Mazzucchelli - All of his published writings deal with the Cross-References works of Thomas Aquinas. The Tabula is the most complete and wide- spread Thomistic tabula of its era and offers a list, in alphabetical order, of entries, accompanied by References references, in order to facilitate the discovery of the places associated with those entries.

Under Falzone, P.

Sterli, In Kaeppeli ; Sterli The editio princeps of the Tabula was quickly Kaeppeli, T. Scriptores ordinis praedicatorum medii followed by two reprints: Romae, Istituto Storico Domenicano.He had illustrious students, includ- divided according to the commandments, the cap- ing Bartolommeo Comazzi, Vincenzio Bandelli, ital vices, the works of mercy, and the violations Domenico da Fiandra, Paolo da Soncino, and of duties see Falzone ; Mazzucchelli - Girolamo Savonarola.

In Kaeppeli ; Sterli Edizione critica della vulgata quattrocentesca, ed.

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