Situational Leadership was created by Paul Hersey and Ken Blanshard when they merged their learners' development level and the leaders' leadership style . Leader-Led Alignment Conversations are used to set SMART goals and tasks and to discuss the leadership style match for development level. The four Style. Situational Leadership. A Summary. Developed by Paul Hersey and Kenneth H. Blanchard. Over the last few decades, people in the field of management have.

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The Situational Leadership Model suggests that there is no “one size fits all” approach Depending on the situation, varying levels of “leadership” and. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | Leadership style is a highly discussed and studied topic in the field of management due to its contribution in influencing employee's. PDF | 30 minutes read | Ultimately with the raise of computer technology, the core, the study transforms situational leadership theory (Hersey.

13 Situational Leadership Advantages and Disadvantages

Learnt lots about my leadership style and how to improve. Many thanks. The videos were especially good illustrations of situations.

The videos took us all on a meaningful journey.

What is Situational Leadership? How Flexibility Leads to Success

Pleased to see this medium being used so effectively. Very happy I was asked to attend and really looking forward to applying and passing on this new knowledge. Useful knowledge on how to approach and lead others. Situational Leadership II has provided us with exactly that — a simple yet very effective leadership framework that can easily be applied in all situations- from the factory, warehouse or energy centre, to the office managers and the Senior Leadership team.

Group discussion and reflection really beneficial. This was my first ever leadership course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The tools are highly practical and applicable. The facilitator was great at answering questions and using the framework to demonstrate how it could be used in real-life situations.

The material and techniques are easy to understand and apply. Felt comfortable as a new leader to be fully involved in class activities. Really enjoyed the venue. The knowledge was turned into tools for daily use in both work and home life.

I often thought that the problems and solutions in leadership courses would not apply to my 6 staff pharmacy but they do. I am looking forward to going back to the shop and putting things in place so we do not continue to have the same problems. He was also the Allied Commander during the war. He was known for his diplomacy and his ability to get the allied leaders to work together to defeat the Nazi war machine.

His background in the military taught him how to order and direct military exercises, and he needed to be a statesman not only to manage the strong personalities of the allied leaders, but to run for president and then win two terms of office.

Every few years, she was faced with building a whole new basketball team. Despite that, she ended her career with a 1, overall record as a basketball coach. She was named head coach for the U.

Introduction to Situational Leadership II - Ken Blanchard

In his first eight years, he won three Pacific Coast championships. During that time he had team members graduate and new members start on the team. Beginning with the season, the team won seven straight championships.

One of his quotes reflects his adaptive and situational leadership philosophy: How do professionals become better situational leaders? It might be helpful to consider these quotes from experienced leaders and apply them to your circumstances:. Situational leadership does not work well in all circumstances. Everything depends on the specific situation, which is why they collaborated to develop the situational leadership model.

It also depends on the competence and maturity of the followers.

This is a time in history when leaders look less like bosses and more like partners. Prepare to lead differently ," The Ken Blanchard Companies.

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Please contact us. How Flexibility Leads to Success.

What is Situational Leadership? November 25, Updated On: Develop people and workgroups Establish rapport and to bring out the best in their people Use a common leadership style across all units in an organization, be it local, national, or international Read more about situational leadership: Situational leadership defined History of situational leadership Examples of situational leadership and quotations Characteristics of situational leaders Advantages and disadvantages of situational leadership Benefits of situational leadership Situational leadership defined Situational leadership is flexible.

This style works best with people who know their limitations and are open to change. Pacesetting leaders , who set very high expectations for their followers. This style works best with self-starters who are highly motivated.

The leader leads by example. This style is used sparingly since it can lead to follower burnout. Democratic leaders , who give followers a vote in almost all decisions.

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When used in optimal conditions, it can build flexibility and responsibility within the group. This style is, however, time consuming and is not the best style if deadlines are looming. Affiliative leaders , who put employees first. This style is used when morale is very low.

Success is a Choice

This style may risk poor performance when team building is happening. Authoritative leaders , who are very good at analyzing problems and identifying challenges. This style is good in an organization that is drifting aimlessly. This leader will allow his or her followers to help figure out how to solve a problem.

Coercive leaders , who tell their subordinates what to do. They have a very clear vision of the endgame and how to reach it. This style is good in disasters or if an organization requires a total overhaul.

Situational leadership according to Blanchard and Hersey The second model is based on the work done by Blanchard and Hersey.

Blanchard and Hersey developed a matrix consisting of four styles: These leaders make decisions and communicate them to others. They create the roles and objectives and expect others to accept them. Communication is usually one way.

This style is most effective in a disaster or when repetitive results are required.

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These leaders may create the roles and objectives for others, but they are also open to suggestions and opinions. These leaders leave decisions to their followers. Although they may participate in the decision-making process, the ultimate choice is left to employees.

These leaders are responsible for their teams, but provide minimum guidance to workers or help to solve problems. They may be asked from time to time to help with decision-making.

Stages of employee development in situational leadership Along with leadership qualities, Blanchard and Hersey defined four types of development for followers or employees:Depending on the readiness and behavior of each individual, strategies and tactics should be tailored to meet the needs of that person.

Leaders must be able to move from one leadership style to another to meet the changing needs of an organization and its employees. Remember me on this computer. By Seokhwa Yun and Hank Sims.

Two fundamental concepts: He found that newly hired teachers were more satisfied and performed better under principals who had highly structured leadership styles, but the performance of more experienced and mature teachers was unrelated to the style their principals exhibited. It focuses more on immediate needs than long-term needs. Instead of being locked into one general leadership style, all of them are incorporated into their approach.

Taken together, these studies fail to support the basic recommendations suggested by the situational leadership model.

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